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Why is it Important to save Energy?

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The energy savings can be made through different means; we will show you some tips to save energy, from several points of view: If we focus on industrial level, companies should start by putting all the means at their disposal, including technological means, one of the best suggestions is to place on the roof of the infrastructures solar panels or generators that help to collect energy, not only would be self-sufficient energy but would reduce the bill enormously.

On the other hand, if we focus on citizens or families, the key is to use new natural gas, which have been consume less energy and another is to replace the bulbs with low-energy ones.

There are many other ways to save energy that we can implement and that each day is more accessible to all, the essential thing is to fill with a lot of information and find ways to implement those ideas.

What  Should we do to Save Energy?

Saving energy is nothing more than reducing consumption as Electricity Rates Ontario is increasing day by day, but achieving the same results, without affecting the degree of satisfaction of our common needs; this brings many benefits, protects the family economy and preserves the environment. More than saving, the key is to generate energy through natural sources.

There are many people who consume large amounts of energy in their homes, either because the families are very large, because they have many appliances or simply because they are not aware of such consumption. Faced with this, it is best to start saving, let’s see some simple ways as suggested by Ontario Wholesale Energy to do it.

Below we will show you a list that will show you how we can save energy at home:

  • Turn off electrical equipment, when not in use: Establish as a principle that computers, printers, coffee makers, microwaves are turned off when they are not being used; even unplug them at the end of their use.
  • Take advantage of solar energy: Open windows and curtains during the day, so that the sun filters and illuminates the room; thus it is not necessary to light the nearest lamp or bulb.
  • Turn off the lights: As long as additional lighting is not required, it is recommended to keep the lights off. If you work during the night, light only the areas you need.
  • Reminder to turn off our devices: Place reminders helps start the habit of turning off the equipment once they are not used anymore. Even put them every so often, to call our attention more.
  • Avoid waiting electricity consumption: Disconnect those devices as chargers; a multi-contact switch is recommended from which the supply current can be cut off.

Other types of energy savings:

  1. Use technology that has built- in energy savings.
  2. Designing and elaborating more efficient homes.
  3. Planting trees and helping to preserve natural spaces.
  4. The bulbs are responsible for 25% of the energy expenditure in the house, so it is recommended to use low-energy bulbs , they save up to 75% of energy; also turn off the lights when leaving a room also helps save between 8% and 20% of the energy for lighting.

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