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Why Is Guest Blogging Still A Better Option In SEO?


If you doubt the importance of guest blogging, you’re at the right place.

Through guest blogging you write for fellow sites and earn inbound links pointed to your site. Put simply, it actually acts as a sign of recommendation.

When you’re getting recommended by authority sites, it sends a trust signal to search engines.

Without any doubt guest blogging and SEO go hand-in-hand.  

In this article, we will get into the benefits of guest blogging for SEO. When you explore those benefits, you’ll get to know why guest blogging matters in SEO.

Let’s start!

10 Reasons Why Guest Posting Make Sense in SEO  

Here are the 10 undeniable reasons why guest posting make sense in SEO.

1. Garnering New Audience  

You introduce yourself to a new audience when you write for popular websites. Guest blogging will certainly bring new people to your site. But the question is, how can you retain them?  

Here comes the importance of value creation.

To convert a new audience into your regular readers, you need to incentivize them. And the incentive here is not money – quality content educates them and solves their problem.

If they start liking your content, chances are higher that they will become your audience.

2. Generate Qualified Leads   

You can easily get quality leads from guest blogging, given you know the right way of doing so.

While reaching out to the website owner (publisher), let them know how you can benefit their audience.

Make sure you clearly articulate your expertise with them. Clearly express the value that you can add to their audience.

Once you post your valuable content, you start attracting traction to your website. By doing so for a period of time, you start attracting people to your site. This way you convert your audience to your lead.

3. Establishes Trust   

You may be the best content writer in the world, but that does make sense if no one knows you.

With guest blogging, you can establish yourself as a reliable source of information. The more you’ll be featured on high authority pages, the higher the chance of people knowing you. Once they start seeing you on the top pages, they’ll consider you a credible source of information.

Once you become a strong identity within your niche, you’ll also start getting more traction on your blogs. As a result, you’ll see a boost in your SEO rankings.

4. Drive More Sales   

As discussed earlier, guest blogging generates traffic to your site.

Moreover, if you’re a business owner, you know that traffic and sales go hand-in-hand. The more people you get on your site, the higher the chances of getting the top page rank. In turn, you get to drive more sales.  

Blogs also influence purchasing decisions. You can achieve this by writing a product-related blog.   

5. Earning Backlinks   

Gaining backlinks is essential to establishing authority.

The heart and soul of every guest blogging opportunity are earning backlinks. From the standpoint of Google, backlinks signal a vote of trust.

High-quality backlinks signal that you’re getting recommended by prominent websites.

Imagine you went to a continental restaurant. You liked the food and recommended it to your friend. Your friend also enjoyed the food and suggested the place to others, and so on. The more recommendations the restaurant gets, the higher the footfall it will receive.

We could not draw a better analogy to explain backlinks. Once you start getting these high-quality backlinks, google starts treating you as a credible source of information. Consider these recommendations as trust signals (from the standpoint of Google). In turn, it improves your ranking.

However, how can you get quality backlinks for your site? The answer is simple – search for backlinking opportunities. Or, you can seek help from any reputed link building service providers.

6. Helps You Become Thought Leader   

Guest blogging is about sharing your expertise and knowledge with your audience. The hack here is to share quality information with your audience.  

When we say quality information, what do we exactly mean? Quality content comes with originality, uniqueness, first-hand knowledge, and value creation.

The more you’ll be seen on prominent sites, the better the chances of staying top of the minds of people. A continuous effort in this regard helps you in becoming a trusted source of information.  

7. Fresh Content – New Perspective   

Let’s be frank with you. The information is already there on the web. It is all about organizing and representing them the right way.

Once you collaborate with a guest blogger, you can experience a fresh perspective on your content.

No matter how good the writing style is, we all love to read content that gives us a newer perspective. Maybe the guest blogger has taken a new angle that you never thought of.

This is where guest blogging helps you immensely. When you feature a blogger to write for you, you can see the world through their eyes.

In turn, your audience gets something fresh and unique, and you get a boost in your SEO ranking.

8. Building Relationship Pays You In Long Run   

Getting connected with industry-recognized fellows is an added advantage.

Don’t think that guest blogging is a one-of-a-kind strategy. You can connect with them in the future for further collaboration.  

Suppose you’re a website owner; you can again work with the writer you like the most.

If you like someone’s writing style and know they are bringing results, you can also have the scope to hire them.

By doing so, you increase the chances of your site getting ranked.

10.  Brand awareness   

We must reiterate that guest blogging brings a new audience to your table. When people start seeing you on prominent sites, you stay on their minds. In turn, you establish an identity.

So evidently guest posts bring those who haven’t heard about your business. If they like your content, they are likely to know about you.

With just by doing one guest post published each month, you could reach tens of thousands of new people and introduce them to your brand. This is how you can make people aware of you and become a credible entity within the industry.

Bottom Line


We hope that now you’re clear why guest posting is a winning strategy for SEO. When you do it the right way, you create a wealth of opportunities for yourself.

Don’t pay attention to people who say that guest posting is dead. It still works wonderfully.

Moreover, you can seek help from reputed guest posting services in this regard. Keep guest posting!

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