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White Mountain Knives Has a Knife for Every Occasion

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There’s something special about knives. As objects, they are simple yet elegant, catching and reflecting light in a way that never fails to mesmerize. As tools, we form intimate relationships with them. Whether for food preparation, outdoor use, or just for opening packages, our trusty knives become extensions of ourselves. We know how much pressure to use, how easily they’ll cut. People get attached to tools they use every day. You don’t have to be Crocodile Dundee to appreciate a beautiful knife. And beyond their aesthetics or usefulness, knives connect us to a history that spans thousands of years. Before any city on Earth was even imagined, our ancestors used knives and spears to hunt and craft. We owe our very survival as a species to the tools we developed all those generations ago. When you hold a knife, you hold the continuity between our modern society and the Neolithic hunter-gatherers who lived and died by the strength of their tools.

At White Mountain Knives, we know that knives aren’t just hunks of sharpened metal. That’s why we focus on only selling knives of superior craftsmanship and function. Each and every company we partner with is dedicated to crafting the highest quality knives possible. That’s why they’ve become so popular. When you see names like Benchmade, Cold Steel, and CRKT, you know you’re in good hands.

We know that not everyone is looking for the same kind of knife, because not everyone has the same needs. Many people come to us for kitchen knives and have no use for anything tactical or exotic. Others are avid outdoorsmen who need a versatile knife that can take a beating while still retaining its edge and ergonomics. Some people are simply collectors, people with a passion for the things themselves. White Mountain Knives has knives for every need, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a collector or a cook. We’ve got a blade for you.

Say, for instance, you’re looking for a Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife. We have a wide variety for you to choose from, but it doesn’t get much better than the Zero Tolerance Sinkevich Knife 0456. With its beautiful polygonal construction, razor sharp plain edge, and a silver stonewash titanium handle, this knife is truly a modern work of art. The KVT ball-bearing opening system will make opening this knife a breeze for a long time to come and the CTS-204P steel blade will slice through anything in its way. This zero tolerance pocket knife will make even the most critical of knife collectors smile in appreciation.

Or if you’re looking for a solid kitchen utility knife, look no further than the Spyderco Kitchen Utility Knife K05PBK. With a wonderfully comfortable rigged polypropylene handle, you can cut up vegetables for all the neighbors without hurting your hand. The MBS-26 steel blade makes mincemeat of anything put in front of it, especially is you need to mince meat. After you use this knife, you’ll really start to appreciate the wonder of Japanese knife engineering.

Of course we don’t just sell knives at White Mountain Knives; we also sell knife accessories. Whether you need a sheath, sharpener, or lanyard, we’ve got something to make you happy. We even have a selection of outdoor and survival products, including bags, water filtration kits, paracord, shovels, and more! Stop on by our site to browse our excellent selection of knives and accessories. There’s something here for everyone. After all, knives are nearly as old as we are, and as long as things need to be cut, they’ll never go out of style.

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