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Which Passport Scanner is Best by Lintech? What are the Benefits of Passport Scanner?

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The Lintech has the pride to offer the highest quality products, among this lintech is providing the best passport scanner device. The comprehensive introduction of full page passport ID scanner reader given below:

EPR5100i Full page Passport ID Scanner Reader

The lintech Corporation offers three models of this passport scanner reader, these are:

  1.    PSPR4200 I
  2.    EPR5100 I
  3.    PSPR1000 I

There are few differences in features and functions of the models of passport readers.

Description of the product

Among all three models, EPR5100 I is the best and multi-functional passport reader, it carries the camera of 3.0 Megapixels, which is capable of reading various types of document.  Such documents include visas, passport, e-passport, ID cards, and various other travel related documents.

This product is highly efficient to read all types of travel related documents like OCR custom service, driving license, ID card, etc. This electronic device is compact and full page passport reader. This device is the concise solution for scanning e-passport, visa, passport and other documents. This is the best fit device which can use for varieties of fields and industries. The data in the printed form extracted with the complete data page like 1D,2D barcode and MRZ, OCR as well as digital data from contactless ICs. There are ranges of illuminated sources available like UV, IR, visible.

This passport reader is the best fit device to use with Aviation security services, Immigration services, hotels, border control, embassies or visa centers, train terminals, bus terminals, airports terminals, leasing organizations, car rental companies, police stations, security services and much more.

Functionality of the product

Document formats, Document processing & image, ID-1 (for identity card), ID-2 (for passport card, visa), ID-3 (for passport) and several other document formats up to 96127 mm

Advantages of Passport readers

There are various benefits of passport scanner, and it is widely used in several fields. Some of the basic advantages are as follows:

  1.    These are a perfect fit to manage guest identity and privacy
    2.     Latest scanners can read many documents like the resident card, driving license, ID
    cards, business cards, visa, passport and much more.
    3.    With this device, you do not need to update manually guest ID details
    4.    You can save paper by using scanners; all the details are electronically stored
    5.    You can save cost of printing paper and photocopies by using passport reader
    6.    It is also useful to save storage place for document or paper files
    7.     You can extract required details on Excel and other formats for submitting a hard copy of the original document
    8.    By using this device, you can agree with all rules and regulations of local authorities
    9.    By using these scanners, you are at the lowest possibility of data entry errors, as compare to manual data work
    10.    It also helps to reduce working hours spent on updating details for registration cards, property management, etc.
    11.     These scanners are friendly to use and also reduce the time that need in check-in process

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