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What Type of Advantages Kraft Paper Board Provide to Your Products?

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Kraft paper board is made from 80% sulfate pulp. It has rough a course surface to prevent it from sliding off pallets. It possesses an exceptional strength due to which is suitable for packaging applications. It has many advantages, but it is not suitable for food packaging. FDA has not approved it as food-grade paper. Due to its extraordinary strength, it finds many uses in packaging operations from packing and wrapping individual items. It also serves as load binders between layers of palatalized products. Normally, it has a higher tensile strength. It is also employed as floor covering in fiberglass operations and many others.

Provides Excellent Packaging Solutions

The packaging industry has gained much popularity. It has become the necessity of marketing and protection of products. Kraft paper is lightweight and sturdy as well. It helps the materials inside safe from devastating external factors. Its durability has made it a great choice for packaging supply supplies. It also serves as a good option to wrap products and prevent them from spoiling. It has the advantage of saving business time and money. It is a versatile packaging material. It is the best shipping option due to its lower price, lightweight, durability, and it can be printed according to requirements. These attributes have made it an excellent packaging material. It protects from external factors and helps keep the products inside safe.

Eco-Friendly and Certified Material

In the present era, there are great concerns about environmental safety. The world has become aware of the outcomes of environmental problems. Climate is undergoing dramatic alternations. The temperature of the world is rising, and life is becoming difficult. All this is happening due to anthropogenic activities. Plastic packaging products are creating a lot of waste. This waste is disturbing the whole climate. Marine life and the beauty of beaches are also affecting due to plastic wastes. In this scenario, the world has to shift towards some eco-friendly solutions. Kraft paper is the best material to produce packaging boxes and other accessories. It is biodegradable and environmental friendly. It produces no waste. It is FSC certified material. It means that your material is grown, harvested, and processed in a way that is ethical, manageable, and renewable.

Branding and Design Options

This is the era of innovation and robustness. There are many businesses, and each business has many competitors working together. All of them make sure that their products should get more responses from consumers. In this race, they devise different techniques and strategies to stand out among competitors. One of these techniques is branding and designing. They use customized packaging solutions. They print their logos, names, slogans, and other essential details on the packaging box. It helps them attract a massive number of customers. It also makes their company and brand popular. Kraft paper board is adaptable in terms of use. It is versatile as a branding and designing option. Because of their natural look, many eco-friendly brands are using them for branding.

Pallet Uses and Wrapping

Kraft paper possesses anti-slip properties. When it is present between the layers of boxes, bags, and other materials, it reduces the chances of breakage. It protects them during shipping. Pre-cut sheets help to save money and add an extra layer of protection for palatalizing products. It prevents the entire load from shifting during transportation. Pottery and craft stores utilize it for wrapping individual items. It provides an affordable layer of protection. Most companies and brands wrap their products individually because they want them to be delivered in one piece to their consumer. It is also a good option for void-filling applications. It is sturdy, lightweight, and reusable. These properties have made them a good choice for palatalizing and wrapping individual items.

Floor Covering and Paint Masking

Floors are the most widely used part of the house. People try to make it clean, attractive, and strong. They try to make it impact-resistant. Floors may devastate during dragging something or driving some machinery. Many other factors can destroy the surface beauty of the floor. Kraft paper is the best solution to protect the floor surfaces during manufacturing and construction. It is easy to apply. It can also prevent fiberglass from ruining the floor. People also use it to protect their consumer’s flooring during contraction and remodeling projects. Besides that, it also finds many applications in paint masking. For example, overspray from the paint can destroy a boat, car, or building. It can help to prevent unnecessary overspray, thus prevents the items from ruining. It ultimately saves time and money.

Stronger Enough To Provide Protection

Due to its exceptional strength, kraft paper finds many uses in industrial and commercial applications. It remained a standard material for packaging for a long time. It provided excellent solutions for the packaging and transportation of objects. It can endure higher pressure and resist strong impacts. It has stood the test of time and has protected during shipping. It has durability and can withstand industrial pressures. It can protect the materials and products packaged inside it. Some companies use common paper products for packaging. They cannot protect the materials. When it comes to strength and protection, Kraft paper stands out among other materials. Its durability, flexibility, and strength have made it the first choice for packaging industries.

6 Types and Their Importance 

There are many types of kraft paper. Let’s discuss its 6 types and their respective uses. The first type is virgin natural kraft paper is the heavy lifter of the world of papers. It is useful for heavy-duty applications that need a higher level of tear resistance. The second type is natural recycled kraft paper is an eco-friendly option for dunnage and void fill applications. It is less strong than the first type. The third type is black kraft paper is used as a dark and durable backing for picture frames. It is also a good option for fun and interesting craft projects. The fourth type is colored kraft paper, which is suitable for all kinds of craft projects. The fifth type is white or bleached kraft paper, which serves well for wrapping and other packaging uses. The sixth type is printed kraft paper, which is useful for creating customized and branded wrapping, packaging, and in-store display.

Kraft paper board is an exceptionally strong and sturdy material. Due to its strength, it finds many applications in wrapping individual items and the packaging industry. It also serves to protect floors from ruining during construction. It provides many customization options. It possesses all those properties which consumers require for the safe shipping of products.

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