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What It’s Like to Live in Las Vegas Year-Round 

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Las Vegas isn’t just the perfect weekend getaway. It’s an incredible city teaming with life throughout all four seasons. While it may seem like people flock to the strip and leave, there is so much more to explore in Sin City. Many people even relocate to Vegas for work and can spend multiple months living and working there. If you find yourself looking to Las Vegas for work or even a move, here is what it’s like to live there year-round.

Types of Housing

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada with over 650,000 residents. with its size, this means that you can find a living situation that works well for you. There is a great mix of historic neighborhoods, urban-style apartments, and even retirement communities. You can find a living style that you like and neighborhoods that make you feel at home once you get off the strip.

If you are moving to Vegas for work, there are also plenty of different options for corporate housing in Vegas. You can either live in the more city-like atmosphere or enjoy the best of both worlds in the suburban neighborhoods that sprawl around the city. There are even great options for families in Las Vegas complete with planned suburban neighborhoods with close by schools. If you want, you can easily live a quiet life in Las Vegas.

Affordable Housing Options

One of the upsides to living in Las Vegas year-round is the fact that it offers affordable housing. The median home price in Las Vegas is around $400,000 and the average rent hovers at around $1,400 for a one-bedroom apartment. Compared to neighboring states like California, you can really get a bang for your buck if you decide to move to LAs Vegas for a whole year.

Great for Being Outdoors

One of the highlights of living in Las Vegas year-round is the incredible weather. Although the city sits in the middle of the desert, it is a comfortable temperature for nine months of the year. It does have a hot season like every desert area in the southwest United States, but if you can make it through that you can enjoy an incredibly comfortable climate for the rest of the year.

Las Vegas also has a ton of outdoor activities that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Less than thirty minutes from the Las Vegas strip is the Red Rocks National Conservation area. This area is perfect for hikers and climbers that want to spend their time outdoors. There are 19 different hiking trails to choose from as well as a canyon that provides cool shady trails.

The state of Nevada is also home to multiple state parks. If you like to take weekend hiking trips, Vegas is a great home base.

If hiking isn’t your favorite outdoor activity, you can take a quick ride to Lake Las Vegas. This lake is home to an entire community so is also a great spot to live for the year as well.

Lastly, Vegas is home to over 50 golf courses. They range from easy to difficult and offer something different for every type of golfer. You can spend every Sunday throughout the year trying a different gold course without going to the same one twice.

Lack of Public Transportation

While Las Vegas is a city, it sprawls out over 140 miles. This means that there are many different suburbs within a 30-minute drive of the strip. If you are going to move to Las Vegas for a short-term or long-term stay, you are going to need your own vehicle to get around. Vegas does have public transportation, but it only has limited routes that won’t always extend to everywhere you need to go.

Healthy Job Market

Las Vegas is known for its plethora of jobs in the hospitality and gaming industries. But over the years, the area has had a boom in tech companies and other industries, making it a desirable destination for those looking to get into those markets or relocate for work. Both Google and Amazon have offices in Las Vegas now and other tech start-ups are also getting comfortable calling Vegas home.

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Las Vegas is a diverse and interesting place to live. Whether you want to catch a live show every weekend on the strip or enjoy a quiet afternoon hiking through its beautiful landscapes, there is a lot to explore. Las Vegas is worth checking out year-round and is a great spot to develop a career in a relocation.

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