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What is the 5-Year Work and Business Routes to Settlement in the UK?

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Undeniably the United Kingdom is one of the top-notch destinations for people looking for work or establishing their own business in the UK. This country welcomes everyone, but then it also consists of complex immigration rules and regulations that need to be taken care of precisely. This country provides immense opportunities to build the life that you always dreamt of. That is why people always look forward to settling in the United Kingdom through five-year work and business routes. However, it can be challenging for ordinary people to understand the rules and regulations of the UKVI. But do not worry because you can take help from a UK immigration solicitor.  In this article, you will learn about the five-year work and business routes to settlement in the United Kingdom. 

Business Routes for Settlement in the United Kingdom

Whether it is the matter of starting a new life or a new business, the United Kingdom has always remained the first choice of people from various countries. This country offers a multiple range of visa options for people who want to live and work in the UK. These visa options enable the route five years to get settled in the UK. Let’s see which are these visa routes that offer you to stay in the UK for five years. 

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

This allows you to start your new business in the United Kingdom or if you want you can expand your existing business in the UK through this visa route as well. However, the biggest challenge you may face to get this visa is it requires you to have a certain amount of money in your bank account. This amount is necessary to show to the UK Home office that you are set to establish your business. The relife is that if you want you can arrange the fund from a third party financial institution as well. You must also fulfil the English language requirements to support your visa application. To minimize the challenges you can get along with an UK immigration solicitor. They can ensure a positive outcome from the UKVI and once your visa get approved you can live in the UK for five years with an extension of course. Over visa you can even bring your dependent family member to live with you in the UK. One you complete your five years period in the UK you can apply for the settlement or permanent residence. Your business must become successful during this period if you are going to apply for the settlement. 

Tier 2 General Visa

This visa is now available in the form of a skilled worker visa. It requires you to have a certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for a UK employer. Without this certificate you won’t be able to enter the United Kingdom. Hence it is super important to have a sponsorship certificate to visit the UK and work at least for five years to get the permanent residency for the settlement purpose. If you become successful to achieve a good reputation at work for five years you will become eligible to apply for the permanent residency and later on for the British citizenship. You also need to get a sponsor licence form the United kingdom visa and immigration firm. This whole process can be time consuming and challenging for you, in that case you can get along with a UK immigration lawyer. They can minimize your challenges and ensure a positive outcome from the UKVI.

Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa

This visa facility is specially designed for the working professionals who are working for multinational companies. They require to have this visa if their company decides to send them in the UK branch. However, to avail this visa working professionals must have a job offer in hand from their UK branch or a certificate of transfer. Like any other visa route at this route also the candidates must have the knowledge of the English language and they must fulfil the other requirements of the UKVI. This visa remains valids for twelve months and after that you can extend the visa for another twelve months. Altogether you can live in the UK for almost two and half years through the visa route. But if you are earning well and remain at the top level of the company, you may stay in the United Kingdom for five years and can apply for the settlement after that period. This visa also streamlines the route of British citizenship. 

In conclusion, there are multiple visa routes that offer five years work and business settlement in the United Kingdom. These visa routes are compellingly outstanding for non-EU citizens. They can live and work in the UK through these visa routes and get permanent residency and at the end it also streamlines the path of getting British citizenship. 

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