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What is Machine Learning As A Service?

by Soft2share.com

Machine Learning is the process of training the models using the certain amount of data to learn the patterns and make the right predictions. And training data available right here with Cogito with best quality and accuracy to develop the right prediction model. It is expert in developing the training data sets for AI and machine learning model development. Cogito works Machine learning as a service and having the strong presence in data and image annotation.

Cogito produce the large quantity of data sets in image formats with precise data labeling to make the objects recognizable to computer vision for machines. Each image is annotated through a software ensuring the accuracy in each project helping AI and ML developers to create a right model at low cost. Cogito ensure the data safety and privacy delivering the world-class training data for making such projects successful.

machine learning as a service

Training Data for Machine Learning:

  • High-quality Training Data for AI and ML
  • AI Training Data for Healthcare
  • AI Training Data for Retail
  • AI Training Data for Chatbot
  • AI Training Data for Virtual Assistant
  • AI Training Data for Autonomous Flying
  • AI Training Data for Robotics
  • Machine Learning Training Data Evaluation
  • Machine Learning Model Validation

It is known for annotating the various types of data sets like text, videos and images using the certain techniques like bounding box or semantic segmentation to label the data with accuracy. Cogito works with advance annotation techniques to make the training data recognizable to machines through computer vision. Its annotation technique is suitable for various types of fields like healthcare, medical imaging, retail and autonomous flying drones or other similar devices. It is offering the data sets for model training, model validation and various other tasks to make the model development process trouble free.

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