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What is in a Server Rack – 5 Important Types of Equipment

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A server rack is designed to hold and organise technical devices such as routers, hubs, switches, servers etc. Server rack helps in securely holding the multiple communication and networking devices at one place. They are the most important object in the data centre. They come in various models and designs such as open frame racks, wall mount racks, free-standing racks etc. Whether you are using wall mount racks or free-standing racks, you can be assured that it will secure and store the networking and communication equipment. You must have detailed knowledge about server racks’ equipment so as to get the advantages of the device.

What is Computer Server?

Computer servers are stored in the server racks to secure data and network of the system. They are kind of classical style rack server which looks like personal computers, sleek and efficient blade servers. Buy a server rack to run your business smoothly. It helps in running several applications, store information and carries out complex functions for a business.

1.Benefits of Server Racks:

  • Provides security to the Servers: Servers are very costly. It is necessary to keep them safe and secure. Thus, server racks provide safety and security to the servers. They also come with locks which helps in minimizes the risk of theft and tamper.
  • Optimize cooling of the Equipment: Servers cause overheating of the equipment. Server racks help to eliminate the hot air from the server. These racks are designed to cool down the temperature of the equipment.
  • Easy troubleshooting of the Servers: Placing the equipment at one place makes it painless to troubleshoot the servers. These racks make it easy to access on both sides i.e. front and back of the equipment.

2. Important types of Equipment

  • Patch Panels: They are also called as patch bay and patch field. Patch panels help in keeping the data centre and server rooms organized. It contains several numbers of ports to connect and manage the cables. They are easily movable. They are often placed in wiring cabinets so that devices can be connected with each other.
  • Network Switches and Routers: They are the popular types of a network device in the data centres. There are various designs and models of the equipment. They also come in several shapes and sizes. Have a look!
  • Switches: It enables the data to enter from one device and transfer it to a targeted device. It allows various equipment to plug and configure to make sure that all equipment can communicate with each other.
  • Routers: Routers connect two or more than two different networks. They are connected to the switches so that communication can happen between the equipment through WAN. A smart configuration is used by routers so that traffic will pass efficiently.

Server racks include switches and routers to ensure the safety and security of the equipment. It is better to keep them in a central location. The data centre is a perfect location for them.

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3. Supporting Equipment: Supporting equipment are used to complete various tasks. Below are some of the supporting equipment which is not necessarily present in all the server racks and cabinets.

Blanking panels, Rails, cords, and cable management bars. These supporting equipment are used for various purposes. For example, managing the airflow, easier troubleshooting, connecting the racks, organizing the server racks etc.

4. Additional Equipment: Additional equipment is the most important devices placed in the server racks. You can place anything which is required. You can keep your laptops, keyboards, mouse etc. fans and other air handing items are included in server racks to maintain the required temperature, proper airflow etc. These equipment are easy to install.

Server racks allow businesses to store and secure a huge range of networking and communication devices.

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