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What is an electric pat test?

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What is an electric pat test?

Electro-PAT test is a process that is mostly performed by highly experienced electricians to ensure that all devices inside the building are in a safe and practical condition. Many electrical devices and machines can be diagnosed as defective through vision, however, in certain circumstances, the problem may be inherent within the device’s electricity.

Although PAT electrical testing is important, it is not seen as crucial in the eyes of the law, and there is no law that requires regular electrical checks and testing of all PAT devices inside your home. Although under the Electricity at Work Act 1989, it states that any potentially harmful electrical devices must be kept in a safe condition – so despite the lack of strict laws, there are still guidelines on how to place equipment inside your home.

The PAT electrical test is used everywhere and must be done in residences, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Electro-PAT testing is not a strict legal requirement – so why spend your money to do so? What benefits does it bring to you and your family? Keep reading until you understand!

Be safe

The old kettle that you have had for years may look beautiful in your kitchen, but when was the last time you tested or checked PAT with a qualified electrician? All it takes is a malfunctioning electricity in your home to start a fire or seriously injure someone if not killed by just running the boiler.

If you own a business, you may want to invest in an electrical PAT test; you will be responsible for any injuries that occur to your employees by not having secure electrical equipment, and when operating a business, a PAT test for building devices is legal.

You should not only want to improve the safety of your employees but also your family members. And while it is not 100% guaranteed that nothing will happen after the PAT test for your devices, it still reduces risk dramatically instead of doing nothing. Can you lose your business or your home? Of course, we can guarantee that your device is completely safe when we test it, but we cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged and becomes dangerous after that.

Reducing risks

You may not realize it is possible, but the electricity can be very harmful and was responsible for 350,000 injuries only last year. People often think they can handle the problem themselves when they should just be left to one of our highly experienced electricians in Milton Keynes.

The power of electricity is stronger than you think, and defective electricity is 20% higher than any other injuries and is likely to kill her victim.

Adhere to the law

Although we have already discussed that it is not a legal requirement for your devices to be PAT tested, you still have to keep any the electricity that might be safely defective. And in a tragic situation in which you abide by fires or severe injuries to the law as much as you can and will avoid getting into trouble with the law.


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