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What Goes Into Insurance for Car Dealerships?

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Car dealerships can be one of the busiest places as people look for new or used cars to get them back on the road for the daily commute to work or for an upcoming road trip or just recreational use to get to events that are local with family and friends. If you are someone who owns a car dealership, you probably have a lot of assets that are always at risk of accidents that can occur.

It is why you need Insurance for Car Dealerships to remain protected against these happenings that could end up costing you big money if you are not protected.

Before you get insurance for car dealerships, you need to know what you need and what you are protecting yourself from so you can get the proper coverage. There are many different angles to this coverage that helps protect you from risks with your dealership.

Property Coverage – You may have seen this one before as business property insurance. It is something essentially every business needs to have. There are always things that can happen to your property, even minor damage to signage, furniture, and offices, which are all part of your property and should be protected. This keeps you safe from even this property damage.

Protecting the Dealer Lot – The heart of your dealership is the cars you have available on your lot. That’s why an essential part of insurance for car dealerships is to have coverage for your dealership lot. This coverage protects you from any damage that your cars sustain from a collision on the lot, weather damage, or even theft if someone doesn’t return a vehicle from a test drive.

Garage Protection – Many dealerships also have garages and facilities that help to make the cars look and operate at their best. This is for both new cars available on the lot that have not been on the road yet and sold cars that are returned for standard maintenance. There are always possible accidents that can happen in a garage, which is why you need to have this type of insurance for car dealerships that protects you against any accidents that happen during standard garage operation, such as any physical damage that may happen while the car is at the car dealer.

Worker’s Compensation (not available through XINSURANCE) – At a dealership, you are going to have a lot of employees on your staff that help sell cars and that help service them. There is always the potential of injury occurring within the garage or just on the lot in general. Having a worker’s compensation insurance policy helps keep you protected from any injuries sustained on the dealership by one of your employees.

For the best insurance solutions that give you the coverage you need, you want to turn to XINSURANCE to get the right policy for you. For over 30 years, XINSURANCE has been providing specialized insurance solutions that are specific to different types of businesses.

With help from XINSURANCE, you can put together the best insurance plan for your car dealership so you can remain focused on selling vehicles and helping customers and not on the possible accidents that can occur at your dealership.

So choose a team you can trust and contact XINSURANCE today by calling 877-585-2853 to start the process of getting the right insurance coverage for you and your business. Get the protection your business deserves with XINSURANCE.

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