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What Are Top 6 Tourists Attractions for 2020?

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It’s New Year and a lot of people start it with resolutions and planning. And those who love to travel a lot plan their year by picking their next vacation destinations. This is the time when most people plan their summer or winter vacations. But picking a destination with attractions can be daunting if you are traveling away. It isn’t easy to decide to form a long list of possible destinations.

That’s why we have made a short list of 6 remarkable destinations. Our smart guide will provide you satisfactory information about this information.

Top 6 Tourists Attractions for 2020

Here are the 6 destinations that we have picked for your 2020 trip.

1. Pakistan

Well, most of you will certainly be amazed after reading the name. But the truth is that Pakistan is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. Even the luxury travel magazine of the UK, ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ has enlisted Pakistan. And surprisingly, the country is on the top of the list for 2020 holiday destination.

Unlimited cultural and heritage attractions, as well as the better security situation, justify this nomination. Booking a flight for Pakistan from the UK is also easy. Heck, tourists can book PIA Flights From Islamabad to Manchester Today. Who doesn’t want to view the majestic Himalayas and do tracking in northern areas?

2. Hawaii

Winter is the best season for tourists to visit Hawaii. It makes one of the best destinations for surfers. You can witness the legendary break of Oahu in the North Shore. Winter here starts November and lasts till April. While February and March are considered peak months of the season.

 There are so many islands for you to explore the local culture. And if you are looking for whale-watching, Kauai and Maui are the best islands.

3.  Japan

In case you are both a wandering soul and sports enthusiast, japan is the place for you. Not only can you enjoy the Olympic Games but also can visit the land where the Sun rises. You can explore traditional and modern japan at the same time by visiting Kyoto and Osaka. Don’t forget to visit Beppu, a town known for its hot springs.

4.  Slovenia

This is an underrated travel destination situated in Europe. You’ll know once you have visited this marvelous land of gorgeous mountainous. The country has some world-class ski resorts in the Lake Bled region. The Lake Bohinj region offers stunning views just like the Swiss countryside. Ljubljana, the capital city, has charming sidewalk cafes and historic architecture.

5.  Croatia

The luxury travel guide magazine Virtuoso has enlisted Croatia as a top destination. And the best place in the country is its city Dubrovnik. Summer is the best and busiest time to visit this location. You can visit the medieval buildings build from stones and some even are turned into bars.

For party lovers, Hvar is a heaven island for party lovers in midsummer. Diocletian’s compound build by the Roman emperor is another attraction point.

6.  Turkey

Frankly, this is a destination that tourists can visit throughout the year. Cappadocia is among the most visited location, thanks to its rock formations. You can also enjoy the amazing view of hot air balloons. Not to mentions the country’s historic buildings and heritage. If you want to get lost in the past, pay a visit to Istanbul. The city was once the capital of two great empires, the Byzantine and Ottoman.

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