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What are The Essential Highlights and Advantages of Google Data Extractor?

by Soft2share.com

Google Data Extractor by LeadsJack is a lifetime license software that is used to pull useful information by scraping Google maps. Google maps are the best source to find out the leads for the business by getting contact information for a majority of relevant peoples. Google maps extractor tool provides data based on two factors; keywords and location. Basically, need to enter the city name and speciality for which you need to bring comes about. For instance, if you are actively looking for Shopping Malls in Bangalore, all you need to do is to enter shopping malls in keyword section, and Banglore in the location. The google maps extractor automatically will give you the exact output in the form of .CSV file.

Fundamental Highlights of Google Data Extractor

  • Its very simple to utilize, simply enter the inquiry term, and select from few options and the software will begin working.
  • Get Lifetime License
  • It utilizes chrome as genuine client behaviour so google maps won’t hinder this scraper tool since it can’t distinguish it as a bot.
  • .net Framework 4.5
  • Whatever point there is any change on google maps site that influences google maps scraper’s usefulness we will refresh the software ASAP, so you continue utilizing it with no issue.
  • Windows Operating System Friendly

Advantages of Using Google Data Extractor

One will get following benefits from the Google Data Extractor:

  • By using Google maps scraper one will get the points of interest of business in light of classifications alongside their locations in .CSV file. The information can be downloaded in CSV format (Comma Separated Values), which might be later transported in into some other programming software as per the requirements.
  • Get key information focuses on the Business name, working address, Business Google ratings and evaluations given by the Excellent, URL of the website, Enlisted Contact Number and significantly much more.
    Information fetching speed of LeadsJack is fast, it can bring up to 500 to 700 professional business listing and resources in 2-3 minutes.
  • Google maps scraper by LeadsJack is coordinated with Bulk SMS supplier. One may specifically purchase SMS and send limited time SMS to brought information in India.
  • The precision of prospects output which is achieved is high, since these prospects are straightforwardly removed from Google’s Database utilizing its own Application Programming Interface (API), and Google Confirms each posting information first before influencing it to live to the user.
  • Different other utilize cases can be made utilizing this information. Gather information for advertising purpose. For example, a customer might need to appropriate flyers in a daily newspaper. By knowing which location is thickly populated in target business section, flyer dissemination should be possible to give better outcomes return for the money invested. This information can be utilized to appropriate business deals and systems networking locations for the team members working in the field. Therefore, there’s better sparing, without really cutting money expenses and enable profits in your business.

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