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Waste Management Provides Pickup Services for their Bagster Bag

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Waste Management has just released news that its first retail product, Bagster Pickup will be rolled out throughout the country. This revolutionary product is an on-demand, low-cost alternative to renting a dumpster for do-it-yourselfers and small businesses when a traditional dumpster just won’t do. It’s great for clearing out the garage or doing some spring cleaning, as well as home improvement tasks and community clean-up initiatives.

The Bagster Pickup is a strong woven bag that can contain up to three cubic yards of garbage or 3,300 pounds. This includes whole sheets of plywood, doors, and even a bathtub. Bagster Pickup in the home improvement and hardware categories. In other words, the bag is available to homeowners and contractors for as long as they need it. The garbage will picke up from your home within three business days by a Waste Management affiliate in your area.

Bagster Pickup prior to this, people had two options for getting rid of unwanted materials hire a dumpster or drive to a landfill. Homeowners taking on Do-It-Yourself projects may encounter difficulties due to the fact that a dumpster is too big for the job at hand and that local governments have imposed stricter limits on curb-side disposal.

Coupon Codes Available

Bagster is a well-recognized cleaning company that promotes its wares and services through the Bagster website. Bagster is in direct competition with Stanley Steemer, Handy, and Fantastic Services, three other industry leaders. In the highly competitive online cleaning services business, Bagster offers things with a purchasing size in the middle, both on its own website and via partner sites. Only sometimes will you find a discount coupon for Bagster’s already low prices. Bagster is consistently one of the most searched-for companies each month when it comes to finding a Bagster Coupon Code.

More Convenient and Affordable Option

Bagster Pickup we saw a real opportunity to give our customers a more convenient and affordable alternative when a dumpster doesn’t meet their need said David Aardsma, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Waste Management. With more homeowners tackling home improvement projects themselves and contractors taking on smaller jobs to make ends meet, we saw a real opportunity to provide our customers with a better solution. To improve material and trash management, expand our service offering, and enter new markets, we have developed the Bagster Pickup.

Cheap and Simplicity of Use

A retail price of $29.95 is suggested for a Bagster Pickup. The average market collection rate is $159, although this is still 50-70% less expensive than the average dumpster rental. With Waste Management’s nationwide reach we can fill this void said Scott Rhodes, co-creator of the Bagster bag and now a director there. We anticipate that the Bagster Pickup. adaptability will be appreciated by professionals, while its cost and ease of use will excite householders.

Should prove to be Useful

Home improvement and hardware retailers around the United States stock Bagster Pickup.   These stores include The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do-It-Best. If you give us a call or send us an email, we’ll be able to provide you with instantaneous price information for the things you need to have picked up. The information provided in Our Experience with Bagster Pickup in Indianapolis should prove to be useful to you. Many thanks for your interest.

They Provide Many Services

Houston, Texas-based garbage Management is the market leader in North America for garbage collection, sorting, recycling and disposal. Among the many services they provide, our affiliates also recycle, recover resources, and dispose of garbage. Our company is also a major player in the United States’ waste-to-energy and landfill gas-to-energy markets as a developer, operator, and owner of such projects. All around North America, we serve satisfied clients in the residential, commercial and industrial and public sectors.

Limited Storage Capacity

You may have seen an ad for a convenient device that keeps remodeling waste in a giant green bag if you’ve ever visited your local hardware shop or surfed the web while working on a do-it-yourself renovation job. This green monster has a limite storage capacity of 3 cubic yards and has strict guidelines for what may and cannot place within. According to one of our recent customers, not only did she have to pay for the Bagster itself, but she also would have had to pay for the Bagster Pickup which she was informed would be around $100.

Bagster Pickup Services

It is likely that you have seen trash bags awaiting collection in driveways and yards. The issue is that they may not select at all, or at any time other than when originally planned. Thus, the trash bag will remain on the curb for a considerable amount of time, often months. If a dumpster bag is excessively heavy with trash, the waste removal service may refuse to take it. the Bagster Pickup have been calling to ask if we know of anybody who would take the bag away for them since the parent business won’t because it’s too heavy. Our client feels this product is an unnecessary and costly burden and they recruited us to help out.

Same-Day Trash Bin Removal

Customers often request that Fire Dawgs collect and discard trash bag dumpsters. We will have it done fast, so that’s wonderful news. As an added convenience, we now provide same-day trash bin removal. Furthermore, we will provide you with comprehensive, up-front price information, and we may collect whatever quantity of rubbish or waste you have.

Less Expensive than Renting a Dumpster

Bagster Pickup it may come as a surprise, but sometimes rubbish removal is less expensive than renting a dumpster. If you consider the cost of renting the bag and paying for collection, you may as well hire a rubbish removal service, like Fire Dawgs, to do the job for you. Costs for removing trash from garbage bags average $180. Depending on the quantity and kind of your trash, our curbside trash removal service may be less expensive, faster and more hassle-free for you.

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