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Vancouver Web Design Company Announces New Website Launch

by Soft2share.com

For Immediate Release March 11th, 2019

Vancouver, B.C.- BragDeal Inc., a Vancouver web design company since 2013, is inviting viewers and clients to explore their new website. BragDeal Inc.’s staff offers over 40 years of combined experience in web design, web development, and digital marketing. Their expertise allows the company to design and build an online presence for businesses in all types of industries.

The fully dynamic design of BragDeal Inc.’s new website makes it faster and more efficient than ever. The company last updated their website a few years ago, so the new website was designed to give the company a more current look and meet the current needs of its viewers. In an effort to deliver a better user experience, BragDeal Inc.’s new website offers modern features, a stronger emphasis on customer satisfaction, and increased responsiveness. New features include:

  • Easier navigation to reduce the number of clicks necessary to find what customers need. Viewers can find their way around the website much quicker with the implementation of a shortcut tag system and related topics.
  • An SEO audit reporting tool that identifies website errors that prevent sites from reaching their full potential with ranking results. Once reports are run, clients meet with their project management team to analyze results and create a strategy for improvement.
  • An integrated Content Delivery Network. A CDN helps increase security and deliver internet content faster to users.

In addition, BragDeal Inc. has placed an increased emphasis on case studies. This allows viewers to see first-hand examples of BragDeal Inc.’s work. The new focus gives viewers a more detailed look at the web design and development process. Potential customers know exactly what to expect when it comes to customer experience. From design planning to brand strategy, BragDeal Inc. promises the next level of service through their fully transparent, results-driven approach.

Over the last several years, BragDeal Inc. has become a leading Vancouver web design company. “We’ve found that it’s our focus on small details that really sets us apart when it comes to user experience,” says Dan Brag, owner and founder of BragDeal lnc. “Our brand has seen steady business growth thanks to the hard work and dedication of our knowledgeable team. We’ve combined continuing education, the latest industry tools, and customer feedback to sharpen our knowledge and build a strong brand reputation.” Brag also credits word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers to the businesses success.

BragDeal Inc. truly goes above and beyond for all their viewers. Visitors can gather the latest industry news and trends with BragDeal Inc.’s online blog. The content offers best practices, strategies for business growth, and technical tips like how to secure a website. It’s just one more way BragDeal Inc. brings more to their clients and viewers.

For more information on BragDeal Inc., and to view their new website, please visit https://www.bragdeal.com. The company is located at 2307-977 Mainland St. Vancouver, BC V6B 1T2. To contact BragDeal Inc., email them at support@bragdeal.com or call (844) 604-2724.


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