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Why Using a USB Drive to Save School Projects May Not be the Best Idea

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School projects take time to complete. They also require you to collect information from web links, photos, data, and other types of files. The USB drive has been the most useful storage and transportation device for a while. However, it is time to reconsider this decision.Ā 

USB drives are portable. Here are reasons to reconsider using a USB drive and the options available to students. This allowed students to move with the project from one device, like a laptop, to the other. Searchings as ā€do my homework for meā€ to complete the tasks and avoid having to worry about incomplete assignments or moving around with USB drives with all your files. Here are reasons to reconsider using USB drive and the options available to students.

  • Virus attacks

Computer storage devices are highly prone to attack by viruses. The attacks result in the loss or damage of all files stored in these devices. It becomes impossible to retrieve the files or share them with third parties. Such a project would be lost entirely, requiring you to repeat it from the beginning.Ā 

Viruses and other malware will come from the internet. Others come from the other devices you are sharing the devices with. It ends up damaging your computer and other files you have stored there. It will take time and a lot of resources to recover the files. Some may not be recovered in their original format.Ā 

  • Compatibility with other devicesĀ 

Many devices are using other means to share files. A USB device may not be the primary gadget of choice to share files with modern devices. As a result, you will require modifications or may be restricted from using particular gadgets. In other cases, files might not be compatible with particular gadgets used.Ā 

Modern devices are connecting via Bluetooth. It increases the speed of sharing while reducing the chances of spreading computer viruses. It is also one of the ways to enhance confidentiality since the recipient does not have a chance to view documents on your device.Ā 

  • Damage or loss

USB drives are portable. Their small size makes it easy to lose them in the course of movement, at work, or when placed alongside other devices. Besides losing the drive, you may miss the wires required to connect the drive to your computer.

Water damage, crushing, and ordinary wear will leave you with a useless drive. In case it falls in the water or is soaked in the rain, all your documents will be lost. Data that may have been collected during a seasonal event will not help in your research. The extent of damage in some cases leaves you with no data to use in your activities.Ā 

  • Sharing with peers or your tutor

Information in the USB drive requires an active computer, laptop, or tablet to access. Such a format restricts the people and instances where you can share or collaborate on projects. If the USB is not compatible with your device, it becomes useless alongside the information it contains.Ā 

Modern technology has provided better ways to share files and information. Here is a look at one of the most effective alternatives to USB drives and why you should embrace it.Ā 

  • Use cloud storageĀ 

Cloud storage utilizes remote servers and online platforms to store files. You access cloud services by creating an account that you can access anytime and from whichever device you are using. Some of the cloud storage options include Google Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive, among others. Here are reasons to consider cloud storage over a USB drive.Ā 

  • 24/7 access

Cloud storage platforms are available whenever you need to store your files. Whether you are working on your assignment in the middle of the night or are out on a picnic, you can access the stored files. It allows you to complete the work without being tied to a particular time, device, or location.Ā 

In case a new idea pops up in your head while traveling, you can log in to your device and update your document. There is no limitation on where to work on a paper or being tied to a particular device. It makes it convenient to complete your academic tasks.Ā 

  • Large sizeĀ 

Cloud storage platforms accommodate files of different sizes and formats. Since the technology used in most of these files is available online, you can run them directly from the drive. The size of a USB drive can limit the files to carry.Ā 

Cloud storage allows you to buy as much storage space as possible. The space is cheap compared to the convenience it offers. It does not require you to download the file to use it. Consequently, even the largest file remains hidden behind your security measures like passwords.Ā 

  • CollaborationĀ 

Cloud storage platforms allow multiple simultaneous access. You can popular a document at the same time from a different location. Students can complete a group project without having to meet physically. The cloud storage platforms allow you to track the information entered by individual students. It saves time and resources required to meet when working on group projects.Ā 

  • Access from other devices

Remote access is the best feature of cloud storage. A USB requires you to copy a document or work on it from a physical location. In case you leave your USB drive behind, you cannot continue with the project unless you create another document. Cloud storage allows access as long as you sign into your account. You work on the same project document despite leaving your laptop behind or tablet behind. It makes it convenient to complete your assignments without the limitation of space or time.Ā 

  • Organizing your materialsĀ 

Cloud storage allows you to organize your materials and documents in the desired format. Whether you want folders for each assignment or based on the type of document, your materials will be in order. They also come with search features to make it easier to retrieve the materials. An organized student takes less time to complete assignments and will eventually do more with his time.Ā 

A USB drive is still an effective document storage tool. However, it comes with such limitations as compatibility, damage, loss, and virus attacks. Use cloud storage to keep your files organized and make your assignments more convenient to complete.

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