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Used Restaurant Equipment in the Greater Chicago Area

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At GatorChef, we understand that most businesses are operating on a tight budget. Restaurant supplies and equipment can be extremely expensive, and many manufacturers are lacking in options that will ease consumers the burden of buying and maintaining expensive equipment. Manufacturers are even lacking in low-cost options when it comes to used equipment. As experts in the food industry ourselves, we understand that used equipment is a practical option that should always be available and considered. No matter what your business is, GatorChef has over 100 years of combined experience in providing customers with both new and used restaurant equipment. While we are currently located west of Chicago in Bensenville, Illinois, customers from anywhere in the local area can easily search “used restaurant equipment near me” and browse through our website for their best options. We provide a wide variety of used equipment, such as used refrigeration, used baking supplies, used restaurant equipment, and much more!

Not only do we sell used restaurant equipment, but you can also buy and trade your used restaurant equipment with GatorChef. Our inventory is constantly expanding as we have new products arriving daily, and we take careful measures to ensure that all of our used equipment is up to our quality expectations. All of our used restaurant equipment is tested, cleaned, and refurbished by our professional staff and certified licensed technicians. Some of our used inventory includes high-quality brands and products from True Manufacturing, Vulcan, Traulsen, and many other reputable brands you can trust. We also offer all customers a 90-day limited parts and labor warranty with all of our used equipment. We also offer consignment to any customers who are interested in selling or trading your used equipment with GatorChef.

Whether you’re searching for new or used commercial cooking equipment, dishwashers, furniture, baking supplies, or anything in between, GatorChef has you covered. We offer a low price guarantee, international shipping, a flexible return policy, and weekly deal options available to all of our customers, aiming to provide our customers with the best reasons and options for finding equipment with us. We also offer kitchen and restaurant designs for customers who need additional assistance with their business. Since 1982, our experienced staff has offered consulting for commercial kitchen layouts, designs, and equipment purchases. Our staff specializes in mechanical, electrical, and equipment installations. Whether you’re opening your first restaurant or looking to have your current restaurant remodeled, we make the design and installation process easy for you.

We are currently located in the greater Chicago area and also have two showrooms that are open to the public six days a week that showcase some of our new and used restaurant equipment. As experienced chefs, restaurateurs, equipment technicians, and commercial kitchen designers, our staff is knowledgeable about our equipment and will help you to find the best option for your business. Some of our customers have reviewed GatorChef’s customer service as “easy” and “fast” with “great prices.” Johan from Illinois said, “Customer service is great. Prices are great. The people who work there are great. Nothing but great things about this place. I highly recommend this place for anybody who’s thinking about starting a new business and would like to create awesome relationships with awesome people!”

GatorChef aims make the process of buying equipment quick and easy for you, so the next time you need new or used restaurant equipment or find yourself searching for Used Restaurant Equipment Near Me, look no further than GatorChef. If you have any general questions or concerns about GatorChef’s used or new equipment or would like to speak to our customer service team, you can contact us at 888-944-2867, chat with us live at GatorChef.com or email us at info@gatorchef.com.

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