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Imagine, you enter a house with all things abruptly in place, how will you feel? You will feel clumsy and lost where to start looking. Now apply this image on a website. You will feel lost and might not understand the site. Websites are designed with quality web content, accessible to search, SEO friendly, and a professional outlook. If you are creating your web, you will need something unique to make it stand out and attract users to it. A website will only be approached when it is easy to understand, user, and search engine friendly. We surf the internet, and just by a single word, we get multiple suggestions from Google. We click on those with attractive titles, and we are more inclined to one with a unique and intriguing layout.

Designing a web theme is not easy; it requires much thinking outside the box, novelty, and compatibility of ideas. Are you tired and stressed by starting every web design from scratch? You can try using WordPress themes. These themes are not only different from one another but also have various features. You can explore many ideas and choose what suits you best. A web theme is supposed not to be too heavy to load so that your website does not take time to display on the screen. Many people prefer the Labinator PicoSpace theme for their site, due to its minimal, lightweight, and fast compatibility. Let us see what the trending ideas on WordPress and their features are.

1- Be Theme

It is one of the most preferred and multipurpose themes. It offers a wide range of tools and design elements. It has inbuilt functionalities and features that can reduce the load of design time. It also provides you the design configuration if you want to design a theme according to your taste. This theme enables you to deal with multiple clients at one time and that too, with customized features and different shortcode generators.

2- Total theme

Do not want to spend most of your time thinking and creating a design for the web but want to drag and drop things on your canvas? The total theme is your call. You can just simply drag and drop stuff and that too without any coding. It has multiple hooks, filters, and snippets that can help you develop quickly without any interference. This theme also keeps the third party plugins at bay.

3- Uncode

We all want things to be flexible. Uncode is another creative, agile, and yet a flexible theme. If you are the one to fuss about creativity above everything, you enjoy iLightBox with tons of advanced, customized tools. This theme is remarkably responsive, can render many devices, browsers, and different platforms, allowing you maximum exposure.

4- Divi

No, it is not Diva misspelled as Divi, but it is another most compelling WordPress theme that has its wonders. It is the most famous theme and page builder that allows access to visual elements and modules to create your web design. This theme offers ready-made layouts for different industries and niches. You can also import one of your desired web layouts on this theme and get a head start.

5- The Gem

Are you the one with the taste of versatility in everything? The Gem theme can fulfill this requirement of yours. It comes with various powerful toolkits, over forty professional graphic modules, and above 150 unique page templates. You can also find hundreds of unique Google fonts, colored schemes. The immersive navigational experience can have a positive impact on your returning traffic rates.

6- Kalium

We are not talking about some elements from a periodic table but another exciting WordPress theme. This theme can help you with various customization options, liberty of personalization, thousands of font styles that nurtures creativity.


Technology is advancing day by day, where we all need a specific platform or a canvas to present our ideas. Be it a business, school, industry, or any other field. They rely on technology to let the world know about their services and convince the users to avail of their facilities. A unique website with a friendly user interface always comes handy to do the bidding. There are various web themes, but choosing the best one is no less than an art. The topic you will choose will decide the course of action for your product.

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