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Top Moving Hacks For A Stress-free Move

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When it comes to talk about moving, one would end up saying it’s a hectic task, which is a hassle one and invites a lot of mess and stress with it.Reports say that moving is one of the most challenging task a human has to do in their entire life.

It’s a task which requires a lot of hard work, research and calm mind do proceed it peacefully.But, actually it’s not so easy to do, it changes ones whole world and sort of shake things up upside down.

Though, it’s not an easy task, but you can definitely try to reduce your hard work by applying some hacks and trucks. Here are some of the best moving hacks from top moving companies in New York City, which you can follow and make your move stress-free.

Don’t empty your dresser drawers

Instead of taking clothes and other items out of dresser drawers and packing them, simply take the drawers out, leave the items in there, and secure them by wrapping up the drawer in plastic wrap.

Leave your clothes on the hanger

When it comes to do clothes packing, it’s all of extra work to do, where one have to unhang clothes, fold them, box them, and then hang them back up at the new place. So here we would suggest, to skip the unnecessary steps by leaving clothes on their hangers and either grouping them up and wrapping them in large garbage bags or hanging them in a wardrobe box.

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home.Moving house.

Protect Your Breakables with Socks and Linens

We would prefer to use socks so as to protect breakable glassware and use shirts and linens as a packing material for other fragile dishes. They provide better protection than paper and a more economical option than Bubble Wrap

Use Bags and Suitcases

Well, I suppose suitcases are specifically designed to be moved from place to place, so we have no reason to not use them during the move. It cuts down on time spent acquiring, assembling and securing moving boxes. Suitcases with wheels are especially useful for packing books to make moving these notoriously heavy items easier on the back.

Problem Solving Kits

After you move, you’ll need some stuff, like soap and a clean towel for washing your hands. Creating a problem-solving kit, kept handy in transparent boxes or a large suitcase will keep the bare essentials at your fingertips. Here’s a list of suggestions:

Weekend kit: Include all the stuff you would need if you left town for a few days including clothing, toiletries, and medications.

Bed and bath kit:  Basics like toilet paper, towels, and sheets.

First aid kit: Consist of plastic bandages, antiseptic and absorbent compresses.

Toolkit: Objects needed to open boxes and assemble furniture like screwdrivers, pliers, hex keys and scissors.

Cleaning kit: A few goods to have included garbage bags, paper towels, and multipurpose spray cleaner.

Take Pictures of Cable Setups

Snap a picture of the back of your television or entertainment system, showing clearly which cables and wires go where. When you arrive at your new home, duplicating the setup will prove to be much quicker and easier.

Use these hacks and also hire the best movers NYC, then you will not have to worry about anything related to your move and have a stress-free move.

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