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Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for Students

by Soft2share.com

There are a lot of apps out there for Windows phones, so finding the one for you may be a little difficult at times. So here are ten that you should consider using. They have functions that you will find useful, and may inspire you to search out other apps of a similar ilk.


1 – Translator

This is a great free app for students who are looking to work on their language skills. It is not actually a great tool for learning the language, but it is great for plugging holes in a person’s knowledge. The student needs to increase his or her vocabulary very quickly, but this is often not possible, and so the student may use this app to help them construct sentences with more sophisticated wordage. People who are living in a country where they are immersed in their second language are said to learn an average of five words per day. But, if you do not live in the country that speaks your second language, a translator app is a big help.

2 – Tutorle

This is a free Windows Phone application that can help you to memorize different amount of information and learn new geographic names, foreign languages, SAT words, historic dates, and much more. You can make it easy and quickly – just download needed dictionaries. Using this program you can quiz yourself, run the training mode or create your own dictionary.

3 – Power Planner

This is a planning app that can be used by students to plan their homework. There is little point in putting your lesson plans in there, as you will often quickly memorize what lessons/lectures you have, and when they are. This is a good app for homework because it has the standard reminders set against a scheduling function, and it gives you plenty of room to add the details about your up and coming homework project. You can even add details of your grades and track your progress via the app.

4 – Skydrive

This is a great little cloud computing device/mechanism that is going to allow you to save your data to the cloud (go figure?). What sets this one apart is just how easy it is to access, and how easily it may be used. You can arrange your data into categories of your choice for easier retrieval later. As a student you can use this app for saving notes to the cloud for easy access later from your desktop computer. It can be used for quick notes such as times and places, and long notes or images of text books and the like.

5 – Photosynth

You can grab a few excellent panoramic photos if you use this app. It is a great little app that allows you to expand your shot, and creates a neat little addition to any assignment or coursework that you happen to be doing. It is good for adding your own images, and a for adding images that are a touch different from the others. Plus, if you take your own images then you own the copyright so that you can sell your essay or assignments after you have graduated. You could sell your essays and coursework so that other kids can re-write your stuff and submit it as their own.

6 – Gmaps

Hopefully, as a student you are not going to spend most of your time in your dorm. Hopefully you are going to find some great adventures to have and places to go. Your Gmaps app is going to help you in that department. It is going to help you to find your way to places, and will help you to find your way home too (which is often the most important part). It also gives you distances too, for just in case you are considering making the trip on foot.

7 – PowerPoint Remote

This is a great little app for managing your presentations in school or college. You often have to go back and forth from a desktop computer in order to manipulate what happens next on a PowerPoint presentation. This app allows you to do it from your phone.

8 – PDF Reader

You can use your phone as your own little pocket e-reader with this app. All you have to do is load the PDF onto your phone and use this app to open it. The process is simple, and gets even easier if you have a cloud computing app too. You can use this to study research material whilst you are on a train or bus. You can use it to go over the PDF versions of your study materials.

9 – Top Task List

This is a list making app that has a very straight forward function. You list all of the things that you need to do and then rank them from most important to least important. You then remove them as you complete the tasks. This is good for students who have a big pile of assignments and coursework that needs to be done. It allows them to put them in the order that they will be handed in, so that hopefully the student will prioritize the ones that are the nearest. This method is flawed (obviously) if the student leaves all of his/her assignments until the last day.

10 – Equations

This is a bit of a cheater app, unless you have homework that you are really stuck on. It allows you to solve equations via the app, and there will be plenty of people who try to fake it and use the app to do their homework. This is up to the user, but if you want to use the app ethically, then you can use it to solve the equations that you are really stuck on. This will allow you to see how it is supposed to be done, so that hopefully you will be able to see where you were getting it wrong.

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