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Top 10 Interior Designers in India

by Soft2share.com

The term interior designing has been quite demanded as well as current generation most preferred career growth choices.  Interior designing gets it to deserve credit by some of the top interior designers hard work and dedication. Because of their creative gems, interior designing found an excellent recommendation from all niches. So as ardent followers you must know those creative brains success story and passionate work details.  So in this article, I have handpicked some of the popular Indian origin Interior designer’s creative talent which you should read about.

Sanjyt Syngh-

Sanjyt Syngh tops the interior design list with his creative design vision and par excellence design implementation. Having studied design and textiles, he engages in mostly space management as in India there are demands for interior designing.

Sunita Kohli –

Well next on the top designer list is Sunita Kohli who did not have any formal training in design and empower her creative skill by mostly researching and hands experience in architectural restoration and interior designing.

She did her B.A Hons and has a master degree in English literature. She has received Padma Shri awards for her immense contribution in art and designing way back in 1992.

Ambrish Arora –  

Ambrish  Arora is the biggest name in spatial design and with more than 3 decades of incredible design experience and creative vision, Ambrish has made into the elite list of an interior designer in India.in the year  2002, he incorporates studio lotus and since then has been actively involved in various path design work and consultation.

His main forte has been in making Indian architectural reach and rated highly by many architectural design firms. He has been awarded numerous awards and apprehension by actually nominated for Aga Khan Award’s cycle in 2013.

Lipika sud –

Lipika sud came into the limelight for her outstanding design work portfolio that is recognized by the government of India. She is the leading brain behind of projects such as Havell, Ericson and Hindustan Times. She received the prestigious award of best interior designer for par excellence contribution in the designing field.

Aamir and hameeda –

Aamir and Hameed interior designers and contractors also popularly known as Aamir Sharma and his wife hameeda both are having quite remarkable work to actually reward for.  Aamir and Hameed interior designers and contractors engage with mostly home improvement to a lavish restaurant and top notch grand apartments.

Tanya Ghani –

Tanya Ghani is the most inspirational personality and is having a reputation for a creative vision and execution. she graduated from national institute of fashion technology in Delhi and has been in news circle for impressive interior designing outcomes. Her impressive works can be defined as a mix of highly innovative and out of the box thinker.

Anjum Jung-

Anjum jung is the founder of Morph design, a Bangalore based interior design firm mainly take center stage for its remarkable design creation and she works for brand and has won many international awards.

Ajay Shah –

Featuring next on the list is Ajay Shah, a Mumbai based designer who hands with outstanding design work that features and tells the impressive design creation of Ajay Shah. He has produced many popular creative brands, interior spaces for top companies like PVR Cinemas, Tommy, etc.

Payal kapoor –

Payal Kapoor is the most demanded personality for her number of design assignments and she is the only Indian interior designer who has made it to the baron’s greatest interior designer of the world.

Sudir Gandhi –

Last but not the least, Sudhir Gandhi who is the owner of Sudhir Gandhi and awesome interior designing companies in India is currently is in heavy demands for stellar work portfolio.

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