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Tips To Increase the Life of V-Belts

by Soft2share.com

When your workers are dealing with machines, it becomes challenging to look after every single part of the machine. One such component is V-belts that do not come to notice easily.

But a little effort can work wonders in maintaining their longevity, optimum efficiency, reduced maintenance cost and lowered machine breakdowns.

Assimilating V-belts or sheaves pulleys in your machines is a better option over flat belts. Here are some advantages-

  • It has a longer lifespan- 3 to 5 years.
  • They have the ability to cushion the shock when the machines are turned on.
  • They do not create noise when operated; therefore offering smooth starting and running.
  • They transmit high power.
  • They require low maintenance.
  • They slip less due to better friction.

With all these advantages, choosing V-belts over any other would increase the smooth functioning of engines. 

Machines and their parts can wear out or get damaged due to accidents and other reasons. Therefore, I will be discussing with you some tips to increase the efficiency and longevity of V-belts. Have a look at the points given below-

1) Install them correctly-

Belts and pulleys can get damaged easily during the installation process. Although the installation procedure takes a few minutes yet doing it correctly and carefully can save the belt from unwanted damages. The best way to roll a V-belt on the drive is to loosen the motor first and avoid extra load on shafts and support beatings.

2) Select the right size of the V-belt-

With the advancement in technology, V-belts Pulleys have changed in terms of material, construction methods, cross-sectional contours and tensile-cord improvement. Although they come in varieties of size and profile yet choose the one that is appropriate for the application and offers optimum performance for it.

3) Align sheaves properly-

Sheaves can last longer depending upon the alignment. V-belts could be aligned using different laser tools which tend to reduce pulleys, bearing, seal wear, vibration levels and increase efficiency. Laser tools are fast and most accurate means to ensure the proper vertical and horizontal alignment of V-belts.

4) Inspecting sheaves regularly for wear-

Many people are unaware about handling worn out sheave and they replace it repeatedly. Doing so will only decrease the life of V-belts, whereas you can get an inexpensive sheave-groove measuring tool. The tool can help you find errors in groove sidewall cupping and ridges.

5) Tension V-belt properly-

It is necessary to tension your belts with the help of a tension tool and not by assumptions. This is so because if the tension is less, it will affect the temperature and create excessive noise allowing the belt to slip whereas too high tension will break the band and dramatically reduce the lifespan of the belt.

6) Provide proper ventilation-

Make sure the area guarding the belt is properly ventilated for keeping the temperature as low as possible. Continuous flexing around sheaves can increase the heat, causing a hike in temperature, which in turn reduces the longevity of V-belts. 

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