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Things To Know Before Choosing A CCTV Camera

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CCTV Austin has rather become a basic necessity for households and businesses today. The increasing crime and theft rates indicate the crucial importance of CCTV cameras in order to protect properties and people. However, your objectives of installing a CCTV camera will be served best only when you choose the right one soured from a good company. Here are the things you must know before choosing a good CCTV camera.

Inbuilt SD card
The CCTV technology has evolved so much today that a number of CCTVs come with inbuilt micro SD cards. You can just insert a memory card of your choice and record the footages the camera captures. The modern CCTV cameras can be upgraded to 128 GB capacity. The cheaper versions depend on surveillance hard disk in the DVR to record.

Tilt or Pan
The modern CCTV cameras are capable of rotating horizontally or vertically to greater angles so that they can cover a large space around them. The maximum angle that a CCTV camera can cover horizontally is called as Pan and what it can cover vertically is called the tilt. Some good CCTV cameras come with 355 degrees pan and 90 degrees tilt, which is a desirable quality. Some cameras can be rotated by their apps. Go for cameras with higher tilt and pan so that you can monitor a large three dimensional space.

Image quality
The best CCTV cameras available today can produce videos of 720p (1MP) and 1080p resolution. In fact, some good cameras can achieve more than this resolution. This will also mean you will need a greater amount of storage to record a day’s footages. Cameras fitted with large internal storage DVRs is not a bad idea. Cameras with in-built storage can get filled quickly. Some cameras come with overwrite features that will self-erase the micro SD once the capacity is full and the recording has to continue. This can end up creating loss of video. So make the choice as per your situation.

Motion and audio sensor
Smart security cameras of these days come with motion and audio sensors. They are high priced ones. When the cameras come with motion and audio detectors, they can also alert the owners regarding some unusual movements and sounds by sending some notifications on the mobile apps. When you need a great security system, go for cameras with built in motion and audio sensors.

Ease of installation and set up
Wireless CCTV cameras are very easy to install and set up as there are no cables to take care. The easiness of the CCTV camera installation depends mainly on the mounting and positioning. Cameras with magnetic bases and sticky pads are very easy to fix. However, for long term reliability, screwing the camera on the wall is a good option. When the CCTV camera comes with a high pan and tilt, accurate positioning is not a big issue. You can even pace such cameras on the wall or a tall table. Evaluating the camera you will buy is necessary to get the best from the installation.

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