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What Are The Most Commonly Reported Crimes In The UK?


Crimes can happen to all manner of people, under all manner of circumstances, but no matter who the victim may be, certain crimes have the ability to devastate lives and cause untold horror. Here we will see the most commonly reported crime in the UK.

Fortunately, when a crime has taken place anywhere in the UK – or is in the process of being carried out – we know that we can report it to our local police force, and they will do their best to help. Armed with a police radio with which to call for backup should they need it, and what is often a wealth of experience and determination to see justice upheld, a police officer can be a lifesaver to a victim of crime.

But what are some of the most common crimes reported in the UK today? To beat criminals, it’s best to stay informed, always be on your guard, and try never to place yourself unnecessarily in a potentially dangerous situation. Here are some of the most commonly reported crimes to be aware of, and hopefully, never fall victim to:


Recent research has shown that fraud takes the number one spot in the UK today, as the most commonly reported type of crime. From being tricked into paying upfront for something you never receive, to financial investment scams, always protect your personal data where possible, and remain vigilant, particularly when shopping and banking online.

Computer misuse

Hacking into the email and social media accounts of victims is a huge area of concern for policing authorities, and while this doesn’t always cause major problems for the victims themselves, it’s still a form of crime with the potential to disrupt many lives.


While not the most commonly reported crime, thieves who steal such things as bicycles and vehicles, or who shoplift, make up a large percentage of the criminal world.

Domestic abuse

While we may never know the true number of victims in this category, an increasing number of cases of domestic abuse were reported throughout the UK during the pandemic’s height, and sadly, this type of crime appears to be on the rise.


There’s no doubt that burglaries can devastate lives and create a sense of fear among UK residents, but the crime doesn’t appear to be as widespread and common as some others. 

Crimes against society

Encompassing a large number of offences ranging from drug crimes to possession of banned weapons and public order offences, this broad category plays host to some of the UK’s most dangerous, and at times – stupidest criminals. Fortunately, all it often takes is a police officer alerted to the illegal activity by a two-way radio, to reach the spot in time to catch the culprits red-handed.

Sexual offences

With so many victims of sexual crimes failing to report what has happened to them, we may never know the full extent of incidents in this particular category, but we know enough to be able to say that such crimes remain prevalent.


This category of crime specifically refers to theft while using a degree of force (or the threat of it), and includes such offences as mugging. Fortunately, the number of such crimes has decreased in recent years and months.

Knife crime

Homicides can of course involve knives, but this particular category refers to crimes taking place in which a knife is used, but the weapon itself doesn’t result in the death of the victim, such as assaults and death threats.


Thankfully, the most devastating of crimes, homicide, is also the least common in the UK. Such crimes are recorded annually in their hundreds, compared to other crimes such as those listed above, which are typically recorded in their thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands. 

Crime is something that many UK residents will fall victim to at some point in their lives, whether it be cyber or physical, and without the help of the police (now kitted out with two-way radios and bodycams), many more criminals would escape justice.

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