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The Complete Guide of Buying a New or Used Car in UAE

by Soft2share.com

It is hard to manage life in this city without a car. Almost, the entire infrastructure of the city is built around its use. All newcomers go through the process of buying used cars. These all steps explain the buying car in UAE:

Buying a new VS used car:

In UAE, you get really attractive deals on new cars with an easy bank financing option. The process is completely hassle-free and in most cases, you can avail the required bank financing without even visiting any bank as most showrooms handle financing by themselves.

On the other hand,  a  car that is financed by a bank is not truly yours until the loan is fully paid off.  This is a long obligation as you need to ensure that you are ready to cut a small percentage of your salary for few years. Once you have cleared all the loans on the car, its value won’t be the same as it will be a 3 to the 5-year-old car at that time.

Pros for buying a new car:

  • New car come with warranties
  • Drives awesome without worrying about any maintenance cost
  • New cars come with free services for at least a couple of years
  • Easy financing solution with nominal installment plans
  • Comfort and ease

Cons of buying a new car:

  • Long term liability if the car is financed by a bank
  • Cars in UAE depreciate fast
  • High insurance premium on a new car

Buying a used car in dubai is also a very convenient option are thousands of cars posted on different websites and you have a lot of options to look at. The prices of used are affordable and these options come with no long-term obligations.

Pros of buying a used car:

  • You own your car and have the option to sell and car trade in dubai at any moment.
  • Second-hand car in UAE are cheap as compared to various other parts of the world
  • You have the option to avail of third party insurance courage that has a quite nominal annual premium

Cons of buying a car:

  • Hidden defects
  • High maintenance and service cost
  • No warranties

How to buy used cars in UAE?

There are several options to buy a used car and let’s go through all of the ones by one 


Buying a used car through any website is a good option that you are buying a car directly from the current owner and there is no third party involved and buying a car directly from the owner adds to the trust factor.

Used cars dealers:

You can also buy a car from a used car market located at various places in UAE. Before going to the used car market make sure you know the car prices well and you need to ensure that you are getting the desired value for the money you are going to spend.

Used cars showrooms:

You may also acquire used cars from a variety of used car showrooms. These cars are normally of high quality and some of the used car showrooms are owned by big brands and you can trust the price and quality of cars in these showrooms.

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