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The Benefits Of Everpure Water Filtration

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When it comes to home water filtration systems, you cannot beat the quality options form Everpure. The water filters offered by Everpure have been engineered to offer incredible filtering ability and are easy to install and use. Instead of continuing to deal with clunky filter pitchers or buying massive cases of bottled water, you can have clean water on tap year round when you use Everpure Water Filtration.

The secret to Everpure systems are their unique water filter cartridge design. These metal cartridges contain Everpure’s Micro Pure filtration media and a bacteriostat layer to prevent bacteria from colonizing the filter. Though the design differs slightly between different cartridge models, all of Everpure’s filters contain a pleated filter media design to expose the water to the greatest possible surface area. When water comes in contact with the activated carbon used in these filters, the incredible surface area of the carbon tramps chemicals and particulates. While they capture and remove particulate and chemicals that produce bad tastes and odors, the essential vital minerals found in drinking water are not removed.

Everpure also makes residential reverse osmosis (RO) systems. These systems typically involve one filter for removing chlorine and other chemicals as well as larger particulate matter. Once the water clears this first layer of filtration, it passes through a filter cartridge containing a RO membrane. This thin membrane imitates the action of water permeating a cell wall. Particles larger than 0.00001 micron in size are unable to pass through this membrane, resulting in an extremely well filtered output. Some volatile organic compounds are able to pass through the membrane, so systems like the Everpure ROM III employ a third filter cartridge to remove these compounds.

No matter what kind of system you choose to add to your home, you will be installing them under your sink. Adding an Everpure water filter system to your home is a surprisingly simple process. The filter head is mounted to the inside of the cabinet beneath your sink at a height that allows easy filter changes. You attach the cold water line from your faucet to the filter head’s input and you attach the output to your new filtered water faucet. Once this is complete, you attach your filter and run the system for a few minutes to flush all the air out of your new Everpure water filtration system.

If you do not wish to add a new faucet to your countertop, the Everpure PBS400 is a drinking water system that uses your existing cold water faucet line as the filter output. This means you can enjoy filtered water directly from your existing faucet. No matter what system you choose to install, the maintenance of Everpure filtration systems is incredibly simple.

If you notice the flow from your faucet has slowed down, it’s time for a water filter replacement. When this occurs, you simply shut off the water valves on the filter head, unscrew the old filter, and attach the new filter. Once this is complete, you simply flush the system again like when you first installed it and you are ready for months to a year of regular use.

If you would like to add an Everpure water filtration system to your home, our team at efilters is here to help. We specialize in Everpure’s fantastic filter options and can help you find the perfect system for your home. If you want a constant source of clean water in your home, visit our website or contact our team via phone 1-866-283-9919 or email info@efilters.net.

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