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Strong and Long-Lasting Wall Putty

by Soft2share.com

What catches attention while entering a house is its ambiance which comprises the walls, furniture, antiques, wall paintings, etc? The color, design, and finishing of the wall are something that attracts the most. This smooth finish is not the result of the wall paint but due to the external wall putty. Before the final paint coat, wall putty is applied to increase the life of the paint. It has become important to get great results and a smooth finish to make the place attractive.

It is convenient to deal with wall putty as it goes well on dry and wet walls, also on internal and external walls. There are several advantages of using it prior to paint application including:

  • It acts as filler covering the cracks and patches on the wall.
  • It creates a strong bond between the concrete applied as a base and the plastered surface.
  • Extra strength is added to the wall on the application of wall putty.
  • As it is water-resistant, the wall doesn’t become flaky.

Generally, wall putty is a fine white cement powder that is mixed with water to form a smooth paste and applied on the surface of the walls before painting. No matter if the surface is old or new, it leaves a long-term effect on the surface, keeps moisture and cracks away, leaving behind the good condition of the wall. Another advantage of wall putty is that it’s available in various colors and suitable for all types of walls.

This is the first base and the next step is the application of paint, two or three coats as applicable. In India, there are several wall putty manufacturers who never compromise with the quality and sell their products at pocket-friendly prices. Other than the normal white putty, there are other forms of putties as well namely- Filling putty, acrylic putty, etc.

The difference between these putties is due to the constituents used in its formation as some might have polymers, minerals, additives, etc. The wall putty is easy to handle and ready to use. The process of applying putty is simple and one or two coats are sufficient depending on the requirement. Before its application, the surface on which it is to be applied should be cleaned well, and unnecessary dirt should be removed.

Scraper, brush, or sandpaper is tools easily available in the market to clean the dust and dirt. With new and cheap products available in the market, beware of the adulterated ones and go after quality over quantity and price.  Just constructing a wall, applying cement, and painting it is not enough to beautify the place. It is important to give proper finishing to the wall to enhance its appearance and for that applying wall, putty is a must. So, before the start of paint, a coat of wall putty ensures an even finish and leaves a good texture behind. When it is about the house’s décor or interiors, one must never compromise with quality. 

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