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Six-Day Trip To UAE With Lahore To Dubai Flights

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Between seas and mountains, wadis and desert, the Emirates are full of natural treasures that you can visit with Lahore To Dubai Flights. You just have to leave the marked paths, lose sight of the steel towers to discover unspoiled nature. From the sand dunes of Sharjah to the craggy rocks of the Hajar Mountains, this trip reveals varied landscapes, sometimes green, often arid, always fascinating.

The flora and fauna, which have been able to adapt to offer wild settings to this region, are likely to surprise those who wish to venture there. Accessible to all, this active circuit off the beaten track allows you to discover this destination from another angle. A perfect balance between nature, sporting activities, rest, and discovery, without any compromise on comfort.

Day One at Dubai

Arrive at Dubai airport with Lahore to Dubai Flights and transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free. The opportunity to discover the fascinating and electric first city of the United Arab Emirates.Formerly an arid desert populated by Bedouins and a small fishing port famous for its pearls, the Emirate of Dubai, today in the midst of an economic and real estate boom, became at the turn of the 21st century one of the most dynamic countries in the planet. Oil money is flowing here freely, at the origin of a spectacular development.

Day Two at Dubai

In the morning, you set off to explore the old quarters of the city, a must. Far from the skyscrapers and the modernity that invades the city, this traditional district with narrow streets reveals its history to you. You’ll have an opportunity to better understand the customs and traditions of the Emirates. In the afternoon, you visit two major works that contribute to Dubai’s reputation.

You start with the Dubai Frame, the largest frame in the world at 150 m high and 93 m wide. Then admire the modern and sprawling city skyline from the sea aboard your very own Hero boat.And since Dubai’s dreams of grandeur are endless, you end your day 450m above the ground, for a breathtaking view from the famous Burj Khalifa.

Day Three at Sharjah

In the morning, you start with a beautiful hike in the desert of Fossil Rock. In the heart of the emirate of Sharjah, one can only admire the immensity of this region and its unexpected rock formations. Then visit the archaeological museum of Mleiha which aims to protect the archeology, fauna, and flora of the region. Then you go on a 4 by 4 excursion in the Sharjah desert. You travel back in time for two hours to explore natural and human remains thousands of years ago.

Mleiha brings to life all the wonders the ancient world left behind in the Sharjah Desert. At the end of the day, you return to your camp to enjoy the tranquility of the desert, the sunset then the starry sky.On a side note if you’re from Karachi then you can take Karachi to Dubai flights as well to reach UAE.

Day Four Al-Madam

On day four you’ll leave the sand dunes behind to reach the mountains of Al Hajar. A stop at Wadi Showka for a hike through the rocks is your first stop. You will discover beautiful natural swimming pools which, like an oasis, allow agricultural development and present themselves as a place of resource for the animals of the region.

Continuation towards Hatta, near the Sultanate of Oman, and visit of its charming village, at the foot of Mount Haja. The opportunity to discover its two military towers dating from the 18th century, the Juma mosque (1780) and the thirty or so houses built mostly with mud that make up the village.

Day Five: Masafi

Departure towards the south-east of the country, towards Masafi, a charming village which shelters the highest mountains in the Emirates. The region takes its name from its 15th-century defensive castle, built of clay, stones, and palm trees.Then you join agricultural fields to discover an emblematic fruit of the country, the date, which holds an important place in Arab culture.

In the afternoon, you drive back to Kalba, a coastal town on the Gulf of Oman, where a two-hour kayak excursion awaits you. An ideal opportunity to embark on a trip on the water to discover the flora and fauna of this nature reserve, famous for its mangroves. They are home to rare bird species, sea turtles, and mammals.

Day Six: The Conclusion

Discovery of the only pearl farm in the region, all comfortably installed on a traditional wooden boat of the Jalboottype. In the afternoon, a 100 percent adventure activity awaits you via Ferrata. A thrilling way to discover this region through a protected climbing route, located at the foot of Jebel Jais, in a quiet, green, and lush oasis in the heart of the magnificent Hajar mountains.

These are the activities that you can do within six days with Lahore to Dubai Flights to have an adventurous trip.

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