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Requirements and Eligibility for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482

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Visa Subclass 482

There are a lot of things that must be kept in mind before you proceed to apply for a job in a foreign country. Surprisingly enough, the process in which you obtain a visa is revealing enough about the job you are aspiring for. How? Read on.

Immigration is tough business now in the western countries, and if you are thinking of Australia as an alternative, we would recommend you to take a look at the subclass under which your visa would be categorized in this case. Without much searching, you are sure to find out that it is the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482. Now, what is this visa and what are the conditions behind the issuance of such a visa?

What is this Visa?

This visa is nothing but a gateway through which Australia brings in talent from other countries when they feel that they do not have enough skilled individuals to do the job in Australia. This is a highly diplomatic move by the industrialists and entrepreneurs in Australia, and if you want us to spell it out, politically motivated. Immigration is a raging issue all over the world right now, and this agenda makes sure it is on the safe side by mentioning that this immigration process on its behalf would be carried out all the while keeping in mind the interests of the Australian jobseeker first and giving them the priority.

The Levels

This visa, often called the TSS visa, is meted out in three levels:

  1. Short term,
  2. Medium-term; and
  3. Labor agreement

Now, you might be interested to know about the tenure of the TSS visa. Tenure, too, is something that tells you a lot about the foreign immigration policies of a state if you look closely. You will notice that the short-term visa provides you with on one-year of time to serve in Australia. What does it signify? It signifies that you must think twice if you are advised to get this visa because it can only mean that you are being hired on a temporary basis. If you want to look at the upside of it, you will find out that the maximum time allowed to you without any extension is four years. This might be a good sign, because you might just have found yourself a job that is permanent, at least for the time being. Do not worry; this visa can be renewed easily at nominal costs by Migration Agent Services Perth for another four years if your company recommends it.

Eligibility Criteria

Let us now look at the eligibility criteria that you must adhere to if you have to obtain a subclass 482 TSS visa:

  • You are nominated as a candidate by a company (who is also your sponsor). You will need the proof of approval and sponsorship while you apply for the visa.
  • You must have the desired skill set that is required to do your job proficiently in Australia.
  • Other than this, you must be able to understand and speak in the English Language in order to be eligible for the selection process. This is a basic criterion and you can get yourself ticked off if you do not meet this criterion. Be sure to pay attention to the questions at the interview and answer to the best of your knowledge in simple, grammatically correct English.
  • You need to have a substantive visa of subclass 010, 020 or 030 in order to get the visa subclass 482.
  • You need to comply with all the terms and conditions that are mentioned in the government website. This includes the essential health check-ups and health cover, without which it is impossible for you to get a visa.
  • Finally, you need to meet the requirements of the job that you are going to appear for in Australia. This is one of the most important points that you need to keep in mind.


You now know all you need to know about the TSS 482 Visa, and you must decide for yourself if you really want to go to Australia for your job. If you find your heart’s calling, contact the Migration Agent Adelaide!

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