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Pick the right table for your living room

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A living room without a small table can often mirror a suit without a tie – something missing. A table can really complete the look of a living room, be it a contemporary styled living room or a traditional styled one. However, choosing the right table for your living room can be extremely difficult – should you go for a table with chunky legs or a glass top? The options currently available in the market can be overwhelming, so here are some quick tips to keep in mind during your search.


Your budget

The price you pay for a table in your living area can vary tremendously. If you are looking for a modern, flat pack table; the price will differ hugely in comparison to opting for a traditional antique table. So, before you begin shopping around – decide what your budget is and stick with it.

The shape

The shape is hugely important as it must fit with the size of your living room. You should also take into consideration if you have children or pets – if you do then you should opt for a curved table with no sharp edges. Also, if you choose a rectangular table, allow 30 inches between the table and the television as this is ample room to walk in-between.

The size

You should also decide what size you would like – again, this needs to be in correlation with the size of the room and your furniture. Having a taller table will be convenient if you entertain guests a lot.


Deciding the functionality your table will have is crucial in deciding which one to purchase. Is the table for decorative purposes or to provide a space for storage? Tables can come with shelves and drawers to provide additional storage space for children’s toys etc. Whether this is a requirement or not, it is always a good idea to choose a table that will hold drinks and plates, tables in the living room are often used to place drinks on for convenience.


The material you decide you would like your table to be made from is important – this can often dictate the amount the table costs also. The material you will go for will often be determined by the colour and materials you currently have in your living room.

Choosing the right table for your living room can be a difficult task – especially if you only have a small space to work with. Therefore it is vital to organise yourself, the room and which colours and pieces of furniture would compliment it best.

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