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PHYSIOTHERAPY-age old technique in this modern world

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Physiotherapy also is known as physical therapy is the method or procedure for treatment of diseases, disability, abnormalities, injury, deformity by physical methods such as heat treatment, massage, exercise etc. preferred over medicines or surgery. Physiotherapists assist the ailing persons from the recovery of the above diseases through the movement of their body parts, different types of exercises, manual therapy, education, and advice.

Physiotherapy in Brahmand is a science-based profession and a “holistic approach” to a person for a good health and wellbeing; which also includes the general lifestyle. Brahmand, Thane West Mumbai is a Centre for various physiotherapy activities, caters to the needs of the patients who suffer from certain diseases like back pain, accidental injuries, stress, and strain, cardiovascular or neurological problems. All round best facilities are available here for the treatment with ease and comfort.

It is actually more or less a person’s own care. It is an awareness, through education, physical activities to maintain a healthy movement and well-organized lifestyle programmed, throughout life. Its role in maintains sound movement and functional ability in old age has been well recognized.

If we look into the various aspects of physiotherapy, it emerges that it is an entirely a scientific approach for curing the human diseases. In other words, it is basically the science of identifying and treating diseases or injuries by using only the physical means. The objective is to remove pain or minimize bodily abnormalities by using evidence-based techniques. It is quite beneficial for the individuals of any stage- from infants to the elderly, in their specific areas of treatment.

Historically, physiotherapy has a rich culture in its ambit. To quote one incident during world war I, physiotherapy nor physical therapy, played a significant role and was used to help many injured- both civilian and soldiers at the same time.  In those times, the technique of this treatment was known as “Rehabilitation Therapy”.

Physiotherapy techniques are of simple in its forms but much effective in results. It is a painless treatment for removing the pains. Its role in the cure of Ortho problems is remarkable. Presently one or the other form of physiotherapy is used to treat almost all ailments and injuries pertaining to the bones. It is unseparated part of medical treatment which needs the assistance of physiotherapy for curing the problems of bones, joints etc. it is the most suitable technology for the individuals suffering from injuries.

Physiotherapy in brahmand are doing yeoman’s service in this field. They are not just professionals or career-oriented but also the persons imparting awareness- both practically and physically about this field, thus helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So, we can say that physiotherapy is not a new term but is being practiced since long back times. Today it has gained a unique position for the curement of bodily problems. So, no need to suffer from those age-old pains or any injuries, as Physiotherapy is the reply to all of them.

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