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Philadelphia’s Finest Catering

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Center City is one of Philadelphia’s best neighborhoods. It’s where Philadelphians work hard and play hard, bustling with offices and great places to eat, drink, and party. So when you’re planning your next event, not just any catering in Center City will cut it. You need something amazing that will impress your guests and make them want to know exactly where it came from. You need catering that will satisfy everyone regardless of any dietary restriction or preference, catering that will be appropriate for the kind of event you are hosting.

So when it comes time to find catering in Center City, where should you turn? You need something delicious, affordable, and something that will keep everyone happy throughout the course of your affair. The first step, and arguably the most important, is to determine the kind of event you are throwing and what is expected of your guests. Event goers have certain expectations depending on the kind of event you are throwing and it is important that you meet these in order to keep them happy. Is this event a corporate party or a small get together? Is it a big celebration like a birthday or a wedding? Think about what you would want from the kind of event you are hosting and work from there.

For example, if this is just a small birthday celebration or small family get together, there is no need for an elaborate catering menu that consists of multiple courses. Simple platters may do the trick and be the perfect informal choice for your event. A buffet style set up is ideal here because it offers guests the ability to perfectly pick out exactly what they want to eat and it is very easy to set up, serve, take down, and clean. For a small party, a few simple classic dishes that everyone will love is just what you need to make everyone happy. On the other hand, if this is a large celebration, such as a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a communion, or any event that requires a large space or catering hall, you will need to plan your catering much more. For these types of events, buffet service is still a great choice, but extra care must be taken to make sure that you have something that everyone will enjoy.

As an alternative choice, you can also provide a meal with multiple courses. While this is an elegant solution, it also requires a lot more planning. Ensure that your guests will be able to order their meals ahead of time and that you are accounting for any dietary restrictions that people have so that you can accommodate them well. Planning a multi course meal is also tough because there is an increased risk that people will send back food that is not to their liking, increasing waste and costs. For this style of service, having a professional team conduct your catering service is essential. You need a catering company with the experience and knowledge to plan your night’s logistics and make sure everyone is served food that is hot, delicious, and comes out on time without delay.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we are proud to serve Center City and all of Philadelphia with fine catering for events big and small. We work with you to develop a catering package that suits your budget while keeping all your guests satisfied and raving about your party. Our years of experience and knowledge of food service make us the perfect choice to help you plan the ultimate event that your friends, family, coworkers or any other invited guests will absolutely love. Visit us online and get started today!

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