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Online Event Management App Essentials You Can’t Miss

by Soft2share.com

“If you are confused about the major aspects of event management mobile app then here is your chance to develop a better understanding. Take a look and improve your knowledge.”

The world keeps on discovering ways that boost the progress in a direction to receive sempiternal growth. The wave of technology has initiated the ongoing transformation. But the rising curiosity about the technology and its related aspects can be justified with its ability to reduce the gaps present in the system. Yes, we are talking about the gaps that were persisting in the brick and mortar systems, but are finally coming to an end with the advent of technology. 

One technology that is dedicatedly working in a direction to improve the user experience and amplify the revenue funnel for the businesses is none other than mobile app development. Its effortlessness to deliver seamless advantages to the user base is spellbinding. Most of the startups and the established companies are trying to find a way to integrate this tech within the process of finding a niche to excel in the market.

The latest trends that are circulating in the business world are about developing an event-management mobile app. Surely many budding entrepreneurs are attracted to this idea but not many know about the right way to do so. But lack of knowledge must never be the reason to confine the progress. So here are some of the most basic yet necessary concepts that you need to know prior to app development. So let us get started.   

Important Features For Online Event Management App

Of course, there are a lot of different types of event apps that one can think of. But some features never change. So to understand them better, take a look at the most basic ones.

1# Speakers’ Information

One of the most essential features for any sort of event management app is having details about the speakers or the attendees. One already knows that proper networking is an important driver for ameliorating engagement in any event. Therefore having access to the speaker or attendee details through the mobile events app is a great boon. It can help the audience to make the right connections and boost overall engagement in such organized events. 

2# Social Media Integration

In a lot of events, the present attendees are generally interested in developing new connections and growing their social networks. Hence the social media integration is very important while creating an event app to let the users easily establish a connection amongst themselves via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

3# Agenda

Not having an agenda for an event means that the event does not have a heart. This feature helps the organizers to personalize the agendas, as well as the favorite sessions. Through this users can determine exactly which place they want to be, with whom and when.

4# Easy-to-Navigate Interface

Another important element of this specific kind of app is the user interface. Hence the navigation of a basic event app must be seamlessly well-designed, easy to use. One key point that cannot be neglected is that in mobile app development simplicity is the best policy. So users can easily understand the event app.

5# Events Feed

This feature displays the complete list of all the organized events in a specific town, city or any other local. All the users can keep a check on the list of particular events in the feed tab where the dates are mentioned as well as, titles, and summary, or any other aspect of the event.

6# Maps and Directions

Last but not least, here is the best advantage the applications have over the traditional printed material. Well, there are no points for guessing as it is the ability to deliver live directions on the map. Map & directions feature is very beneficial, if the event is attracting a lot of audience from nearby or far away places.

Here Are The Apps You Can Take Inspiration From

Now, before developing an application yourself, it is very important to study the competition present in the market. So here is a list of some of the most popular Online Event Management App that you need to know about.

1. Eventbrite

It is a portal to promote, create and sell tickets for an event. It provides its users with a social platform where they can share the events that match their interests.

2. Certain Arrive

This application provides a fast and simple way for guest registration, management, and check-in.

3. MagicPlan

While going out for a site visit, this app comes in handy. All one needs to do is pull out this app and it will automatically measure the area and create a floor plan.

4. Super Planner

It is basically a business app for a professional event planner. All the added features have calculators for staffing, staging, catering, venue capacity, dance floor, and projection.        

5. Social Tables Check-In

It provides a professional, quick and secure paper event-guest list. It makes 2D or 3D seating a cakewalk.

6. Zkipster

It is a guest list management app, that creates simple online invitations for events, in addition to an easy check-in process.

These are the six major apps, used for event-managment. One can take a good look at them and find inspiration to create their own application.  


From the competition to the most necessary features, you know a lot about creating an event-planning application. But to know more about the technicalities, make sure that you visit the leading mobile app development company that has the team that can answer your queries.

The development of any application is not like shooting fish in the barrel, rather it has several competitions linked to it. One can only emerge out successfully through the hurdles only if the project has the guidance of an experienced and dedicated team.

If you want to outshine the competition make sure you choose the right team that can help you provide immaculate experience to your users. So what are you waiting for? Direct your energy towards creating something outstanding.  

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