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Olympus Launches its Website for Indian Users

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Olympus is a well-known brand company that has carved its niche as a leading manufacturer of cameras and gastro cameras. It is a Japan based manufacturer that develops optics and reprography products. This company introduced its first camera, the Semi-Olympus I in 1936. It developed its first innovative camera series Pen, which was launched in 1959. Olympus has made various innovations that are designed to cater to the requirements of every photographer. It is famous for producing a range of high-end video recording equipment. Olympus is also known for developing the Opto-digital technology, which provides the long-standing optical technology and state-of-the-art digital technology.


Since the past ten decades, Olympus has improved significantly in terms of growth and progress. It started off as a microscope manufacturer and has now emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Olympus has created its name by developing a large range of innovative digital cameras and video cameras that come in compact and lightweight designs. It uses superior technology to back the Olympus cameras so that they offer speedy and incredible performance.

Like digital cameras, Olympus lenses are also known to provide the best performance and enables photographers to capture some really impressive pictures. For lens processing, it uses optical systems that are designed to deliver high-quality performance at all times. Olympus has improved its automatic lens processing systems; so photographers can use them for capturing the pictures in a way they want.



Even though Olympus is famous for providing high-end digital cameras and lenses, it also offers a large variety of binoculars, microscopes, medical equipment and much more. In fact, it specialises in microscope and thermometer businesses when it was established. Olympus has also developed its very first microscope, Asahi and is known all over the world as a leading manufacturer of microscopes. Currently, this company is famous for producing ultrasound, endoscopic, endotherapy, and electrocautery as well as disinfection equipment. It has also managed to carve a niche with the development of gastro-intestinal endoscopes.

Apart from that, Olympus is also a well-known manufacturer of microscopes and optics that prove useful for specialised needs such as medical use. It offers an amazing range of microscopes that prove useful for different applications such as education and routine studies. These microscopes are also beneficial for art research imaging systems and other such applications. Olympus also manufactures products that are required for industrial applications. Some of these products include flaw detectors, industrial scanners, transducers, probes, image analysis software, fiberscope, light sources and more.

Olympus is well-known for developing high-end OM-D series cameras that use the Micro Four Thirds lens system. It has manufactured the first camera using Micro Four Thirds system, which was a part of its Pen series. The digital cameras in the Olympus Pen series and the Olympus Stylus camera series are preferred the most among photographers. In addition to that, it offers the OM Zuiko lenses that every professional photographer prefers.

Olympus is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of high-end digital cameras and lenses. Whether it is a beginner photographer, enthusiast or professional photographer, Olympus cameras and lenses have proved useful for everyone. Now, it has a new website for its Indian customers, which will help them choose the best-suited camera or lens easily. Their website, www.olympuspro.in, is Olympus India’s move to cater to its customers in India.


This blog is about the different cameras, lenses, microscopes and other products that are developed by Olympus. It also gives information about the technology and history of these products.

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