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Off Road LED Light Bars From Diode Dynamics

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When you are going off the beaten path, sometimes you need a little extra light to show you the way. Off Road LED Light Bars are the perfect way to add more light output and help you see further. At Diode Dynamics, we have designed our light bars to have high light output in a compact, durable package. With our light bars on your car or truck, you won’t have to worry about not being able to see the obstacles ahead next time you go off-roading after dark.

At Diode Dynamics we are dedicated to providing high-quality automotive LED lighting. Our team of engineers has designed our light bars so that every bit of light emitted from the LED chips is focused where you need it. Unlike other brands on the market that import and resell LED light bars from overseas, we engineered our light bars in-house in St. Louis.

Our Stage Series lightbars are designed to provide as much output from a 6-inch bar as most generic brands do from a 30-inch bar. The secret to this output is our highly-efficient total internal reflection (TIR) optics. Most brands rely on lenses or reflectors in their light bars to shape the light output. While this is good enough for some, both of these methods can cause a significant amount of wasted light. Our TIR optics are designed to harness all of the light from our LEDs and focus it right where you need it.

Our light bars are available in different beam patterns for whatever application you are looking for. Instead of just offering a single option, you can select the beam pattern our off road LED light bars that best suits your needs. will want to select our flood pattern which offers an 80° wide and 50° high spread of light. Unlike most flood options that produce a diffused spot beam pattern, our flood light bars have an optically designed spread that is the best in the industry.

We also offer two additional beam patterns for our LED light bars, the driving pattern and wide pattern. Our driving pattern casts a 20° wide and 8° high rectangular beam of light ahead of you, which is perfect for people driving at high speeds. The wide pattern projects a 100° wide and 8° high beam to supplement your fog lights and increase your visibility in inclement weather. No matter which beam pattern you choose, each light bar is available in yellow or white. We also offer replacement lenses and changing lenses is as simple as removing a few screws, swapping the lenses, and resecuring the faceplate.

Our off road light bars can be installed on any vehicle using our universal mounting brackets. We have also designed vehicle-specific bracket kits for certain vehicles. These lights have been tested for extreme temperatures, moisture intrusion, vibration, and corrosion. Our LED light bars also have a 40,000+ hour lifespan and come with an 8-year worry-free warranty.

So if you are ready to see further, it’s time to upgrade to our Stage Series off road LED light bars. Whether you are outfitting a work truck or a personal off road vehicle, our lights have the best size to output ratio on the market. If you have any questions about our light bars or any other LED bulbs for your vehicle, you can reach a member of our team at 314-205-3033 or contact@diodedynamics.com.

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