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Must Have Free Android Apps for Bloggers

by Soft2share.com

Android is one of the best mobile operating system in the smartphone industry because of its easy UI customization and consumer satisfaction. This OS was currently developed by Google based on Linux Kernal. Now looking at its application side, there are a lot of developers for developing and coding Android apps in different categories. In this article, we are going to look at the Free Android Apps available for Bloggers. These apps are more common and must have app for bloggers.

Must Have Free Android Apps for Bloggers.


Google Adsense App.

Google Adsense is the best Cost Per Click network platform which is used by most of the bloggers for making a lot of online income with their blogs or websites. This app shows the detailed overview of ad performance on your blog or site. Google Adsense app has the main left sidebar tabs like Overview, Products, Custom Channel, URL Channels, Sites, Countries, Platforms, Ad Units, Ad sizes, Ad Types, and Ad Networks which have their hourly updates for users. This App was the official app of google and also it was updated with newly translated languages like Hindi and Malay. If you are an Adsense approved blogger and love to check daily updates of your blog’s ad performance you definitely need to have this app in your Android Smartphone.

Google Analytics App.

Google Analytics is also google’s official app for showing the blog or website performance report. In a simple way of explanation, this app will show the traffic report of your blog or website. You can even check the detailed real-time active visitors of your blog at the present time. You can view where you get traffic from and which browser they user to view your blog and more things. If you need to check your traffic report on the go or on a vacation travel then you should need to install and use this app from Google’s play store for you Android Phone.

WordPress Android App.

This is Highly recommended for self-hosted WordPress using bloggers. We always use to login to our WordPress account through a computer’s browser to blog online and to publish the articles. But now you can even use your Android smartphone for creating, editing, publishing your articles which help you to blog on the long travel time.


Tumblr Android App.

This is another type of blogging app which is mainly used for short contents posting online to your blog such as short quotes, videos, images ,etc. This app’s main feature is posting content in a scheduled  way as well as can be manged in multiple ways.

Google Drive App.

This app allows you to store multiple documents in the cloud so that you will never miss your documents and it’ll be synced in Android device whenever you logged in with your account in your device. It can sync files such as videos, audios, documents, files, WordPress files, etc. If you are frustrated typing posts in your PC then you can continue your work in your Android by logging in and syncing it.

SwiftKey Keyboard App for Android.

An app like this comes in handy because it auto-corrects the word as well as it also predicts and learns your previous activities in your Facebook, Email, blogging posts, etc and history of your previous posts.This app is recommended for you to use in android.

Photo Editor.

Nowadays uploading the images related to your post is very much relevant. Before doing it check for the image whichever you are gonna upload and if an unnecessary content is there, then you got to crop it and edit it accordingly so this app helps you edit, crop, re-sizing and even changing the effects of such images. This would be exceptionally helpful app for the bloggers.

Writer App.

You are good in writing articles but what if you are not relevant to the subject of your content? With the help of this app, you can write novels, stories, statements, articles quickly. The developers words motivate you to write in a relevant way try out this app.

BlogPost App.

Another app which is related to blogger and WordPress app. If you are writing posts of your own stories, experiences or journal type or any other similar to this you gonna need this app more than you ever imagine. The functionality, text style, editing is all you ever wanted and this app facilitates you to have great posts and also this app allows you to fix the videos, images, audio whichever is from YouTube, Picasa, Windows image viewer, VLC media player etc.


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