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Memory foam mattress: Advantages of using

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A quality sleep is a pledge of good health and longevity. From what you sleep on and how you sleep directly depends on your state of health and emotional balance. Scientists have proved that enough rest for 7-8 hours of sleep. It should also be with great responsibility to go to the arrangement of a sleeping place and the choice of a Memory foam mattress.

If you will go through the Memory foam mattress reviews, you will find that today, the market of sleeping accessories offers a very large selection of Memory foam mattresses of different types, rigidity, filling and price category. How to choose a mattress and what should you pay attention to before making a purchase? Consider the main recommendations for choosing a Memory foam mattress.

Choose a mattress by size

In Memory foam mattress reviews, the expert says the first step is to determine the size of the mattress, so before you go to the store, measure the length and width of the bed. Your new Memory foam mattress should fully correspond to the dimensions of your bed, otherwise it will constantly shift, and as a consequence – the lack of Memory foam effect, which is achieved with a combination of all factors.

How to calculate the optimal size of the mattress?

As per Memory foam mattress reviews, to do this you need to add 20 cm to the height of the person and get the optimal length of the Memory foam mattress. Regarding the width of the product, for single models it should not be less than 80 cm, for double models – not less than 140 cm. You should have enough space to relax and sleep in the position that you like. You should not feel jammed or restrained during sleep – when buying, be sure to consider this factor too.

Choose a mattress by type

Virtually all mattresses are divided into two types:

  • Spring;
  • Spring less.

Spring mattresses, in turn, are divided into two types: with an independent spring unit and a spring block of the Bonnel type. In Memory foam mattresses with an independent spring unit, each spring works autonomously from the others. The number of springs on the average reaches about 250-300 pieces per square meter. There are mattresses “Multipack” with an increased number of springs – from 500 pieces per square meter and above. Products with an independent spring unit are adjusted as accurately as possible under the bends of the human body, and also provide optimal correct support of the spine during rest. Choose a mattress according to the Memory foam mattress reviews.

Mattresses with a dependent spring unit

Mattresses with a dependent spring unit based on five-turn springs have a mediocre Memory foam effect due to the dependence of the springs among themselves. However, when choosing a mattress with dependent springs, remember that such products have a significant low cost in comparison with other models. This makes them attractive in the eyes of buyers.

Spring fewer mattresses are also divided into two types: monolithic (from one filler) or combined (in combination of several materials).

And for spring less, and for spring Memory foam mattresses the following materials are most often used: coconut fiber, natural latex, foam with a “memory effect”, thermo-wool, polyurethane foam, sisal, strufiber, wool, cotton. It is worth noting that the degree of stiffness of the mattress depends on the filler used in the filler mattress or combination of fillers.

Rigidity of Memory foam mattress

It is a mistake to assume that rigid mattresses have the best Memory foam effect. In everything you need to know the measure. For a person with a fragile complexion, it is not recommended to choose a mattress with an increased level of rigidity. Thus, additional pressure will be created on the spine, on separate parts of the body, and blood circulation in tissues will also be disturbed. Conversely, it is better not to use a soft mattress if you are a large complexion. In this case, your body will be too sagging, which will create unnecessary discomfort when resting. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

Soft mattresses do not create pressure on the parts of the body, are themselves elastic and at the same time provide quality support to the spine. In particular, such mattresses are recommended for elderly people, people with medium or small weight, and also for those who like to sleep on their sides. For pain in the lumbar region, soft models are also recommended.

How to choose the stiffness of a mattress

Mattresses with an average level of rigidity are suitable for people leading an active lifestyle, or for those with problems with the thoracic spine. It has a wonderful solution for people of small or medium size. In such models, the combination of latex with coconut fiber is often used.

Excellent fit for people with high body weight mattresses with increased rigidity

They are also recommended for young children, whose musculoskeletal system needs a good fixation. Sometimes the use of rigid models is due to the medical indicators of specialists in Memory foams. The filling of such mattresses is a natural coconut coir or sisal.

Why Memory foam mattress is better than usual?

The main advice when buying a mattress is an individual approach to the requirements, which depend on the age and weight of the customer, the level of activity, the characteristics of the structure of the spine, preferences for stiffness or softness.

Even the most high-quality and safe ordinary mattress will not allow you to get the maximum level of comfort, since its design does not support the spine in the right position. The structure of Memory foam mattresses meets the medical requirements for the maintenance of physiological bends, so it does not allow excessive deflections, sagging, curvature of the spine or displacement of the vertebrae.

The benefits of memory foam:

As per the Memory foam mattress reviews experts really do not know where to start. There is no mattress made of 100% memory foam. Generally, these mattresses are a mix of technologies such as springs for example. In this case, only the top layer counts since it contains the memory foam. And that’s where you get the benefits:

  1. An exceptional relaxation:

By marrying the body shapes, this foam gives you unparalleled comfort during your sleep. It allows you to relax and you will always have a feeling of softness even if the mattress is firm enough.

  1. A redistribution of the points of support:

By marrying the shapes of your body, this memory mattress decreases the load on the points of support. The pressure of your body will now be redistributed over the entire surface in contact with the mattress. Basically, you will not hurt the hips when you wake up.

  1. Reduce compression points:

This is especially beneficial for people with neck problems. Not only does it decrease the pressure on the points of support but offers a better cervical comfort by marrying the cervical area to perfection.

  1. Better alignment of the body:

When you sleep on something hard, the spine is not very well aligned which is a problem. For people who suffer from low back pain or sciatica, it is a real ordeal. With this memory mattress, marrying the body shapes, we keep the alignment of this spine and therefore, not only prevents joint and low back pain, but it helps to heal too.

Following the basic recommendations and personal preferences, it will be easy for you to choose a mattress that will give you an excellent comfortable sleep and a healthy rest. Sleep on health!

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