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Match.com App: Meeting Singles Using Mobile Technology

by Soft2share.com

With the advent of technology, detractors would contend that things have become worse than they were before. But, if we were to look at all the positives, then there are far too many to overlook easily. For example, the onset of matchmaking apps, and how they promise to match you with the soulmate you could never find, through conventional and non-traditional methods alike.

Lately, there has been a rapid increase of matchmaking applications. The one that leads the lot has to be Match.com; with its many backers singing never ending praises for its efficacy as well as efficiency. But, is it really worth it? Let’s find out.

Match.com: The basics 

On the outset, the application promises much more than our wildest imaginations. The developers have very easily let loose all their creative potential into developing an application that effectively matches up to the potential of many such dating apps – with everything done under one purview.

Furthermore, it is proclaimed—with much vehemence—that the application effectively matches you with someone up to your “Standards”. The easy usage of the word is a bit shocking, but on second thoughts and on using it to try and find the perfect match for me, I was quite floored with the choices and options presented and didn’t resent it one bit. When compared to Tinder; the one who calls’s itself the behemoth of the dating business; Match.com application gave me a lesser number of shocks to contend with!

While it’s easy to agree to one downside or facet of the application, that of ease of use – when compared to the likes of Tinder. But, it’s also hard to overlook the fact that the application is so much more feature rich when compared to Tinder, and when data logging is of primary concern.
Match.com app features

What is lost in the form of ease of access, is quite easily gained in the meticulously fitted features that are hard to overlook. As I have already mentioned before, the application is quite power packed, complete with its own set of privacy and security features that helps ensure the security of its user base (well over 24 million, at last count ).

There is one particular feature that did catch my eye—that of the Matchwords—therein prospects are matched on the basis of their liking of a “particular” or a distinctive array of words. Now, this is a feature that is quite restricted to Match.com app and their website, as is easily gauged from the prominent trademark featurette provided next to it.

There is also this queer dating program by one “Dr. Phil”, that promises you to wade through the intricate process of online dating with much ease. But then, with many new entrants to the online dating scenario (I myself started taking interest in it around two years back), this becomes but an undeniable necessity. To put it subtly, the dating program takes you through the whole process and does it without any cringe-worthy effect.

Match.com Membership program 

If you are looking for something that is free of cost, then this is not an app for you, to be quite frank! The costs of the application are hidden, to say the least, and may take you some time to come across them as they are. The cost varies from 16-23$ per month, which has become quite a standard in the majority of subscription-related applications of today. Match.com coupons are available and can give you 25% off.

Match.com Bottomline

Would I recommend it to someone I know? Well, in a majority of cases – yes; as long as that particular someone is willing to find enough time to glaze through the complex layout of the application! Many of its users thank the makers day and night and without fail at having aided them in finding that special someone. With so many success stories to go by, the application would have some substance to it, isn’t it?

Match.com up can be downloaded at Google Play.

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