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Maintenance of Photovoltaic Solar Panel System

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Photovoltaic solar installations are constantly subjected to external agents and temperature changes that affect both the panels and the electrical connections that integrate them. For all this, it is important to enjoy good maintenance of the facilities. An important condition for the proper operation and return on investment in the construction of a solar power plant is the regular maintenance of solar panels and other elements of the system (solar cables, controllers, inverters, batteries, electrical products, etc.). It is also important to keep your solar panels Cairns systems maintained for the long life of a solar power plant.

Maintenance depends on several factors such as:

·        The complexity of the installation,

·        The climatology of the area

·        Even the existing environmental pollution at the installation location.

Pollution and dirt are deposited on top of the panels causing a decrease in the radiation filter causing the production of the plant to be considerably reduced. Although most of the dirt comes from dust, the particles created by pollutants of human origin such as carbon by ions, are smaller and cause considerable energy losses. The location of the system, its availability for maintenance and repair, the lack of shadowing of solar panels from emerging obstacles to sunlight – all this affects the optimization of the solar power plant.

How is the maintenance of solar panels performed?

It is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the panels and ensure the longest life of the installation that has adequate maintenance of its components. The photovoltaic cells in the solar panels absorb the sunlight and then convert it to the electricity. So it is important to ensure that we keep the surface of the solar panels clear and clean so that the sun rays fall directly on it without any restriction and we get the optimum module efficiency. Thus, we need to wash the tempered glass properly with the dishwashing soap and water. Avoid cleaning the glass of the solar panels with a cloth, we prefer using a squeegee instead of that.

Plus, if you think that there is a technical problem in the solar panels, or they are tilted in the wrong direction due to wind then you must contact the solar installation Brisbane for the maintenance of the solar panels.

Maintenance of the Solar Inverter

Inverters, as the main power element of a system that converts direct current from solar panels to alternating current, have the ability to accumulate dust and suffer from overheating. Timely cleaning of inverters from dust and especially cooling fans can significantly extend the life of a solar power plant and not reduce its efficiency. This applies to all types of inverters, including the outdoor installation, designed even for harsh climatic conditions.

Grounding is an important safety feature in any electrical system. Checking the condition of contacts and insulation of conductors must and must be carried out regularly at your solar power plant.

Wiring: the condition of the wires, the reliability of the contacts at the joints, mechanical damage to the insulating tubes in which the electric wires are laid – all this significantly affects the losses during the generation and operation of the solar power station, and therefore – the return on investment.

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