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Laserlyte Products for Sale and More at G4G Guns

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Few trends have revolutionized shooting in modern times like the advances made in optics and sights. Whether those merits are highest in optics in the form of red dot sights or scopes or the sights are in the form of mounted laser sights or tritium sights and dots is up for the shooters to debate. However, with such a proliferation of options to choose from and for different purposes from self-defense, competition shooting, long range hunting or hunting that requires low light visibility and reflex shooting, one thing is clear – the advances made to sighting and optics have brought these sports to levels that our ancestors could not have envisioned.

That being the case, there is hardly a brand that more perfectly typifies this proliferation of technology and ergonomics than Laserlyte. Specializing in laser sights for your handguns, rifles, and shotguns is Laserlyte’s boast – and they have defined the market. Seeking Laserlyte Products For Sale is tantamount to seeking a dependable quality laser sight for your arms, despite the many options.

A laser sight from Laserlyte will offer you a new experience when shooting. A laser sight brings your sight picture from the mounts on your gun to the target itself, diminishing target acquisition time and streamlining shot placement. It also will help you learn to perfect your shooting form, stability, and even stance.

Though there are many excellent choices available from Laserlyte, one of the most typical models and a staple of laser sights is Laserlyte’s Triggerguard Mount Diamondback UTADB. Compatible with the Diamondback .380 and 9mm models, this laser sight features an ambidextrous switch and your choice of two modes, pulsing and constant. Easy to install and maintain, this is one of the lowest maintenance, simplest and most effective laser sights available to shooters that will excel when put to the test.

Another extremely popular and highly useful laser sight is the Laserlyte Lyte Ryder Center Mass Red CMGAR. This model is rail mounted for compatibility with any long arm that features a Picatinny rail and is activated by a light application of pressure to the mount. That means activated is as simple as shouldering the weapon.

What’s truly innovative about this design is that as a center mass sight, it projects a ring of lasers onto the target with a single spot at the point of impact. What this does for the shooter is drastically improve target acquisition time, but it also seamlessly allows the shooter to make easy adjustments to keep the sight pictures centered. The center mass dot expands at 1 inch per yard, which is well-fitted to match the patterns of most moderately choked shotguns. For a tactical shotgun or an AR platform, there is hardly a better fit for fast target acquisition and reflex shooting.

Of course, with so many options like these and more from Laserlyte such as their Rail Mount Center Mass and trigger guard mounts for Ruger, Hi-Point, Glock, Taurus, and more popular models, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be looking for Laserlyte products for sale. You’ll just need to find the right supplier, and that supplier is G4G Guns. When it comes to Laserlyte sights, G4G Guns has the mounts for many popular models, the laser units themselves, and trainer pistols for those acquainting themselves with the technology.

Even better is the fact that G4G Guns is more than just this – they are an outfitter for all things outdoor. You’ll be able to buy your Laserlyte sights from G4G Guns, but you’ll also be able to find a gun to suit it, ammo, cleaning supplies and all other shooting equipment. There’s hardly a reason to wait – set out for www.g4gguns.com and find the sight that’s right for you.

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