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Kik Messenger – A True New Definition of Social Media

by Soft2share.com

You must be using various social networking sites to remain connected with your loved ones, but you can’t deny the fact that some of them are expensive medium and you need to spend a lot of bucks to access them. Kik Messenger is one such app, which is extremely cheap and affordable and doesn’t cost you a single penny.

Kik messaging app has become very popular in a very short span of time because of the extremely awesome features, it offers. It is slightly different from messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Voxer, etc. and it offers a lot of ease in its access, which makes people, gets familiar with the app superfast.


It is a complete private app in which you need not share your phone number with people you are going to connect with. You can sign up using your email or other details, if you do not want to share your contact number with someone.

Benefits of using this app

As it is a completely affordable instant messaging app, you can use it without spending money over it. It helps you to stay connected with your dear ones, which means your friends, colleagues and family members. You can visit KikOnline.Tips to know more about the different features of this amazing app and can use the app more conveniently.

In this huge world, you only have a single chance to live your beautiful life and explore different things. It is not possible for most of us to travel across the world and meet different people and know about their culture, but through this app, you can connect with anyone across this world, and can become friends with them.

This app is available for most of the Android phones. Hence android phone users can easily install and use this app. It is also available for iPhones.

Meet people online

This app allows you to talk to various people across the world with whom you are comfortable talking to and that sometimes may create room for your personality and mindset development. It is an alternative to random video chat websites.

If you are lucky enough, you can find that special someone as well whom you were searching all your life. Yes, it is possible to find your prince charming or dream girl through this app because of the great opportunity of sharing information, it offers.

What does it offer?

This app offers various features like sharing pictures, group chats, connecting with other social networking sites like Instagram and Viddy, etc. There is no text limit, hence you can send an unlimited message to each other.

If you want your friends to know about this app and install it, you can invite them by sending an online invitation to connect with you for chatting. It is easy to know when a person has sent you a message because this app notifies you as soon as it receives a new message.

You can send pictures of your favorite moments to your dear ones instantly. Also, if you want to share a picture with your school/college buddies, you can opt for making a group including only those individuals with whom you want to share the picture. This saves a lot of your time, which may have wasted in sending it to your friends individually.

Some people like others to know about their thought for the day, the idea for life, or relationship status, this app is completely for them. You can set a status on your profile, which can reveal anything regarding your mood, the place where you are, the activity you are doing right now or your relationship status.

You can track a person by checking their last seen status or can chat with a person who is online because whatever their status is whether online or visited a few minutes back, it will be visible to you. You can also block your added friends or a stranger, who is annoying you.

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