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Keep Rolling With Your Tire Pressure Monitor System

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Half of the fun of taking your RV out for a trip is enjoying the open road. This joy can be stripped away pretty quickly if you find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire. Tires are never as airtight as we would wish and sudden flats are a constant risk, especially in a heavy vehicle like an RV. Temperature changes, small punctures, and nasty potholes can all lead to tires losing pressure on the road. Installing a Tire Pressure Monitor System can help you stay aware of these pressure changes before they leave you stranded.

Tire pressure monitor systems are, unsurprisingly, electronic systems used to monitor the pressure of your tires. This can help give you a warning as a tire begins to lose pressure before it goes flat. Each of these systems is comprised of two parts, the tire sensors, and the system display. Installing one of these systems on your RV is incredibly simple.

The tire sensors are designed to fit a standard Schrader valve and can be used to replace your existing tire valve caps. These sensors have built-in batteries that should last for years before they need to be replaced. Because they will be exposed to the elements for years, these sensors are designed to resist shock, vibrations, temperature, and chemical exposure so you will always know the status of your tires.

The heart of your tire pressure monitor system is the system display. These displays can be attached to your dashboard so you can always check your tire pressure at a glance. Most of these systems either feature internal batteries or they can run off a 12V adapter. Your display will send you warnings if a tire is running low or there is a sudden drop in pressure. You can also set thresholds for min and max pressure so you can easily judge if everything is in the accepted range.

Installing one of these systems on your RV is so simple there is really no reason not to. In fact, these systems have become a mandatory feature on vehicles made after 2008. If your RV was built before 2008, one of these aftermarket systems is the perfect way to gain a little extra peace of mind when you hit the road.

When you’re driving a car, a flat tire is usually just an inconvenience. In an RV, a flat can cause some serious problems. Once your tire blows out, you will be riding on the rim, losing a good deal of control while the entire vehicle begins to shake violently. The tires used on RVs are built to handle the weight of a large vehicle, meaning they have substantial internal wire reinforcement. These wires, once the tire has been chewed up by your rim, become high-speed metal whips lashing at the underbelly of your RV. This can make a simple flat tire into a major headache if those wires manage to damage anything important.

If you want to help avoid the inconvenience and damage that can come with a flat tire, you can order a tire pressure monitor system for your RV at RVupgrades. In addition to a wide selection of these systems, RVupgrades also carries thousands of parts and accessories to make your next RV trip or campsite perfect. If you have any questions about tire monitoring systems or any of the other products in their inventory, you can reach a member of the RVupgrades team at 866-332-7881 or sales@rvupgrades.com.

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