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iPad vs Microsoft Surface, Which Will You Pick?

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The Apple iPad has indeed become a household name. There is no doubt that it is the leading brand in tablet PC. And while there are many tablet versions as released by various manufacturers, the iPad does not seem unfazed. This is at least not until the introduction of the Microsoft Surface. For someone who is torn between the iPad and the Surface, here are some details that may help you make a well informed decision.


The very first things and probably one of the most important aspects that people notice in the two devices is the display quality. While the iPad uses IPS panel with a much improved pixel count of 263ppi, the Surface uses ClearType of HD display. This sounds excellent but in terms of pixel count at 207 ppi, it proves to be inferior to what the iPad has to offer as far as display quality is concerned.

The beauty and quality of both devices built is another good point of comparison. The Surface is designed and built using a magnesium shell, known as VaporMg. The iPad on the other hand, is built with aluminum chassis. Judging from both devices’ makeup, they both prove to be of high quality and ultra durable materials. The Surface however, is leading in thinness. A significant point that makes Surafce a clear winner in this aspect is the kick stand that is built on the device. It means users will no longer find it necessary to buy separate accessory just like what the iPad requires.

The iPad has a limited connectivity options. An iPad user will only be able to transfer data, audio and video files if he buys adapters. This means additional cost. The Surface is much better in this regard because of the availability of built in physical connectivity options and this too, varies with the kind of Surface a buyer gets. Because of which, it can be concluded that the Surface is much more flexible as far as connectivity is concerned. The connectivity options readiness of the Surface make is a great money saver over the iPad.

Among the things that iPad users really enjoy is the availability of numerous apps. The huge quantity of quality apps that Apple makes available to users is a wonderful thing that consumers enjoy. If Microsoft Surface really wants to get ahead of Apple, it has to catch up with the long list of quality apps that Apple offers.

With storage of a 64GB max, the iPad is well behind the Surface that has a maximum storage capacity of 128GB. What’s more is that the Surface is also expandable through an SD card, something that the iPad is not capable of. Moreover, the processing power of the Surface at a promised Intel’s Core i5 Ivy Bridge as compared to the dual core of the iPad is indeed far more exciting.

Since Microsoft released a statement about the Surface, it has been teasing the curiosity and bringing excitement to the general public. And because of its great promise, the Microsoft Surface has become as much sought after as the iPad.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Jenny. Jenny is a professional blogger, living in the UK for last 10 years. She prepares Buy now pay later catalogues for a big firm in UK itself.

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