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iOS vs Android Comparison – Which one is better

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If you are going to buy a new phone, but you’re bearing in mind about jumping from Android or iOS. The operating systems differences between these two platforms go beyond the bits and bytes of it, Here in this article we outline the main differences between Android phones and iPhones. It’s actually: iOS vs Android.

First of all, we must point out that this guide is intended as a complete outline to help you decide whether to select an iPhone or an Android phone In general argument these two smartphone operating systems stand out from one another. While, Android is a highly customizable OS with Linux open source platform, on the other hand, iOS is a closed and highly secured operating system.

According to latest figures from StatCounter show that not only Android is used by way more people as compare to iOS, but it’s also challenging that Windows is also to be most used OS in the world (for internet access, at least). In February 2017, they come up with figures that Windows acquire a share of 38.6%, while Android held within striking figures at 37.4% And Apple’s iOS in the similar period had a share of around 13%.

And according to the latest assessment of GSM Arena, In 2016 Samsung sold the most smartphones with 308.5 million. Apple sold iPhones 215.5 million. Huawei placed on number 3 position while Xiaomi in fourth place. more technology blog

Android vs iPhone: At a glance



• iPhone’s Hardware and Software both managed and optimized by Apple
• Curated app store, fewer worries of malware
• Generally, good user interface support


• No option of expandable storage
• No user’s access to Web content and services.
• Limited customization within OS



• Open source and easily customized OS
• Expandable storage option on many phones
• The wider range of choice in phones


• Higher possibilities of malware attack.
• User Interface not same on all smartphones
• Having Patchy support

Android vs iPhone: Hardware

The simple point is that if you need an iPhone, you have a much easier choice over choosing an Android phone. As Apple tends to sell only three or four different iPhone models at a time, ranging from screen sizes of 4inch (the iPhone SE) up to the 5.5inch (iPhone 7 Plus). On the other hand, Android phones are so plentiful that it can be complex choosing the right one. So many variations among sizes, storage, and options.

Android vs iPhone: Software

In software, Android has developed in leaps and bounds and we’re now at the point where both iOS and Android are tangled for the best mobile operating system. follow more SEO blog such as start a blog with WordPress.

Of course, this is much opinion and preferences, and there will always be one who prefers iOS and those who think Android is best.

Apparently, iPhone apps placed on multiple home screens, just as they have constantly done. Or you have the option to put them in folders and search for them, but your iPhone’s home screens can’t be customized.

While with Android, there’s a lot more freedom of choice. You can make look alike iOS equally, you can manage all your apps in the app tray and display a nice photo if you like in home screen, or add widgets to show weather information, and many other things.

With Android, you can toggle a selection to install apps from unknown sources, but on an iPhone, you’re limited to what’s available in Apple App Store within your country.

iPhone vs Android: Conclusion

Finally, the iPhone vs Android dispute comes down to a choice: between Android’s fragmented openness, and Apple’s quality practice in a closed environment.

Openness sounds brilliant but all depends on your priorities and needs. If you need a phone that costs less than $350, then you’re going to have to choose Android (else you can buy used or refurbished iPhone). Likewise, if you’re the technically minded person or you like to customize your smartphone, you’re going to choose Android as it’s so much more flexible than an iPhone.

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