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Importance of Communication Training in Business

by Soft2share.com

The advanced information technological age we find ourselves in today makes communication fundamental for any business.


Every second of every day you and I are communicating. It can be you listening to a news report or watching an advert. Twitter and Facebook have millions of members all waiting to read what you have to say. That’s millions of people who will see your adverts, your communications and get to know your business.

People around the world communicate for difference reasons. Communication is for people to interact, inform about new issues, share and receive information, influence other people, regulate industries, entertain and even for record purposes.

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Even in this advanced technological age there are people and companies that do not know how to communicate well with others. Communication is a two-way street and requires a certain level of involvement in order for the message to be received. It requires listening, questioning, responding and even negotiating. You no doubt have a small business phone service complete with scripts for your employees to follow and email templates for them to use, however, the real skill comes at communication in face to face meetings and making sure their other professional outlets such as Linked in are displaying that same professionalism.

Communication in business is essential to share information and to discuss issues. A communication break might be the difference between making a profit that fiscal year or not. Information has to be clearly communicated and both parties need to understand the message.

It is sometimes important to hold “take a breath” meetings to discuss the way forward, sales, targets, commitments, new issues or maybe innovations. Or even just so you can monitor progress.

Your business does not run itself and neither can you run it alone. It requires people and employees. Every employee has a duty to represent the business the best they can, so when it comes to communicating with clients or customers the correct message is communicated. This can only be ensured if the employees are versed in how to communicate.

There are a few online websites that do seminars on software and communication, like Fred Pryor. Other companies give small business training such as Comcast Business and organizations like the American Marketing Association.

Lets take a look why communication is fundamental in businesses.

As just one example, depending what industry you are in an employee answering a client’s email without care could make promises the business cannot deliver.

An employee may have a new product in mind that just might be the “Secret Sauce” to your businesses success. A project may have hit some snags that are starting to accrue unbudgeted costs. Your salesperson has not met half his sales target and it is near month end. The merchandiser ordered twice accidentally. One of your key personnel is pregnant. A new software package is not working. The ad is stale and needs input to make it work.

These are just a few scenarios that without good communication could be detrimental to your business. Holding a meeting that keeps to an agenda and progresses with strong communication could see these problems sorted. Open and transparent communication is the key to any relationship even one between a employer and employee. It helps solve conflicts and ensures progress.

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