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If gym isn’t for you, join a body pump class

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We constantly hear of the benefits of exercise. It reduces the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, arthritis and many types of cancer, as well as being good for mental health, the skin and, of course, keeping fat levels lower and muscles toned. Yet it can be hard to find a form of exercise that you can fit into your busy life, that will also keep you motivated.


The trouble with gyms

Gyms are a great resource and are very popular with those who are trying to gain or maintain fitness, yet they often have piped music that doesn’t suit everybody’s taste and even your mp3 player may not drown it out. You may also have to wait for other gym users to vacate a machine you need to use and they aren’t always considerate enough to wipe down the apparatus after use, leaving you with the unpleasant task of doing it yourself.


One advantage of attending a body pump class is the high level of motivation it provides. Body pump classes are led by motivational trainers, who will encourage you to push yourself beyond the point at which you would probably stop when training alone, without pushing you beyond your capability. You will certainly feel as though you’ve worked very hard, particularly after your first few sessions, but you won’t be forced to do anything that is likely to cause you injury.

Fast and economic results

With expert guidance, you can achieve noticeable results in a shorter time than with a solo fitness regime as you will work harder. Most trainers run am variety of different classes for all levels over the course of a week, so you can choose to attend more than one session if you have the time and the money, which is generally a reasonable price, without a yearly membership fee, you simply pay for exactly what you get. Furthermore, the body pump class experience is quite similar to working with a personal trainer as they move around, yet at a fraction of the cost.
Fun activities

One of the most common accusations levelled against exercising in the gym is that it’s boring. This is definitely not the case at a body combat class and other strength conditioning classes,click here for more information. You will carry out different kinds of exercise, including interval training, shuttle runs, resistance training, exercises to improve flexibility and circuit training, which often includes elements of all of these other activities and can improve strength and stamina. Trainers tend to rotate the exercises you do over the course of each session and from week to week to work on different aspects as well as to maintain an appropriate level of challenge.

Support network

You will be working very hard, but you will be doing it with the support of your trainer and your fellow body pump attendees. Often, your exercises will involve elements of cooperation, whether that is when you are helping one another to stretch, doing circuits together or simply working together to lift or pull resistance objects. Over the weeks, you will build up a camaraderie that will help you to maintain your enthusiasm and overcome physical and mental challenges as you reach your successive goals.

To maintain a regular exercise regime requires a certain amount of willpower. The fast results, variety of activities and level of support at a body pump will help you to maintain this and, therefore, to achieve your fitness goals.



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