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How To Repair Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Dryer

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People were just checking out my new attire. But honestly speaking, the clothes that I wore are absolutely used before. In fact, it’s the semi-automatic washing machine which gets all the credit from me. It never disappoints me with is spinning and drying clothes. Well, sometimes the machine dryer is a bit irregular and repairing the device is a must. Well! Do you know how to repair semi-automatic washing machine dryer? Because I was searching the same thing when the errors of the dryer were growing larger. I have found several points of repairing the washing machine dryer.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine Dryer Problems

The technical problems which semi-automatic washing machine dryer gets are not so much in number. But some common issues happen with the dryer these days are:

  • Overheating: Sometimes the thermostat or the thermal fuse prevents a fire that causes dryer overheating. Besides, electrical overload, defective assembling can be the reasons your semi-automatic washing machine dryer getting more heat than needed.
  • Not turning on: Without enough power or energy, even I can’t move well. If your machine’s dryer is keeping your washed clothes wet, then probably there’s a shortage of energy. Faulty outlet, tripped circuit breaker, mechanical timers, knobs, etc. can be also the reason for the improper service of the dryer.
  • Time-consuming dryer: If you keep the machine turned on for hours and hours, it will lose its standard speed of drying the clothes. Continuous heating weakens the heating element of the dryer. Your dryer will get overheated for this reason. There can be no heat or less heat from the dryer.
  • Dirty dryer: Of course, the dryer becomes dirty even after you washed your clothes in other cabins of the washing machine. The fecal bacteria from the clothes gets stored in the interior of the dryer. Dust and dirt clog the dryer which makes your dryer numb to work properly and full of lint buildups.

Guide On – How to repair Semi Automatic washing machine dryer

I have found several ways to repair service Samsung washing machine and it’s dryer. Most of them are effective in their own way. However, here is the easiest way to repair the dryer you should follow.

  • Switch off the machine and open the lid of the dryer. Clean it using soft cloth wet in detergent solution. Clean the cover of the washer too. I think you won’t need to schedule for it.
  • Pull out the lint trap and rinse it with the course of water.
  • Now, it’s time to clean all the washing agents such as detergent, soap, bleach, softener for fabric and other additives. Rinse the cups with water if your machine supports the easy removal feature of cups.
  • There are pipe cleaners available at the market. You can collect any of them and use it to eliminate the left dirty elements inside the dryer. A piece of soft cotton can also do that easily.
  • You need to think about the mold and mildews spread inside the washing machine including the dryer. Turn on the machine without putting any clothes into it. This will eradicate the buildups of soap and fabric residues. The solution of hot water and around 2 cups of white vinegar would do better to remove the residues. Bleach can be an alternative to vinegar. But I am not recommending you to use bleach because there’s a chance to harm the rubber gaskets.
  • The last step will require at least a gallon of white vinegar and hot water solution. You need to create this while running the washing machine empty without clothes. Vinegar helps to dissolve the mineral deposits due to hard water.

There is another simple method of repairing the washing machine dryer semi-automatic. This one is also effective to make the dryer heat well again.

  • Take a small wand attachment of vacuum cleaner. Use it to clean the lint filter well. You can also use a small duster and wipe the dust from the filter unless you use the vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe down or vacuum the whole interior side of the dryer. Detach the lint duct and clean it too.
  • Use warm sudsy water to clean the outside and top of the semi-automatic washing machine dryer. Then rinse the thing to eliminate the soap residues.
  • Collect the all-purpose cleaner from the market and apply inside the dryer. You will see the melted crayon, dyes, inks are getting off easy. You should use a paper towel to apply the cleaner.
  • Run the device at high settings for more than 15 minutes and toss a couple of old towels inside the drawer.


If you wish to use electronics for a long time, you must be careful about it. Cleaning the washing machine dryer regularly saves the time to repair it. Even you don’t need to waste money by calling the technicians to take care of it. Some experts suggest using a gas dryer instead of an electric dryer. You can do so if the gas price is controllable more than the electricity bill.

However, if you feel something like having the wrong smell coming from the dryer, then you should contact the technicians. Otherwise, manual care of dryer is enough to have well-cleaned dress again.

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