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How to pay parking by SMS in Dubai?

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How it works to pay parking by sms in Dubai?

Using a mobile phone, you can even pay your parking fee without using your traditional parking ticket in Dubai. RTA mParking is a virtual authorization issued via your mobile phone, that you can use without entering your contact details.

How do I use the RTA mParking application?
For more information about how to use RTA mParking, please refer to

The mParking program needs you to sign. When your account is activated, you can add multiple vehicles to your account and pay the parking fees through your mobile phone.

How does the project operate?

The mParking program calculates a parking fee based on the value of the vehicle, the number of parking spaces available, and any other criteria.

Who will be responsible for the parking fees?

All bicameral bodies will maintain a list of all parking permit holders, and the tax collected in those meters on a daily basis.

By creating a mParking account, you’re committing to participate in the program and keep the app updated.

You can use the app to pay your parking fees at participating parking garages and urban roadside rest stops. When the next available parking space fills up, you can drive there as quickly as possible.

You must be allowed to use SMS parking. (Record Now)

Now we need to call back the Weasel. It will then ask you to enter your email address and password. Enter those passwords. Try not to give them too much trouble, because in an emergency you are going to need them. Press Submit.

You now have 3 options.

Option 1: You can try something else

Option 2: You can use Free Parking

Option 3: Don’t waste any time.

Procedure to park a car by sending a message

This service can only be used without registration by privately registered cars in Dubai,

It’s so simple. You just park your car, send an SMS message to 7275 (PARK) in a pre-defined format and request a digital license with your parking details via a text message. You can verify your parking data via mobile devices from our park attendants.

You won’t get a paper ticket so our car park workers will be willing, on their mobile devices, to check the car park. Once your application is validated, you will receive a digital license for your vehicle. This assures the privacy of your data.

You need to have a legitimate UAE mobile number registered with Etisalat OR Du.

  • Please ensure that you have ample balance in order to buy a digital permit when you are a Pre-paid user (i.e. pay as you go), or you will receive an error message indicating the “Transaction Failed.”
  • To be able to use the parking service, all users with non-Dubai platform numbers must register. (Now record)
  • You need to deliver an SMS message in the same format as outlined in the following user guide to buy a digital license using your mobile device. The inappropriate message type would allow the request to be denied.

How to pay parking in Dubai?

It is fairly easy to pay for parking in Dubai by phone. Next, you need to type the appropriate 1-5 numbers of the letter code on your table. Push space to access the area code (including 3 numbers and 1 letter).
Tap the spot again and enter the car park for as many hours (must be 1-4 hours and there is no scope for more than 4 hours at any given time) then just send a text to 7275 (PARK) and you’re free to go. Before the time expires, an automatic text message will be sent to you.


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