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How to make sure you never miss a good deal

by Soft2share.com

Do you sometimes miss out on good deals because you happen to be out and about when they were shared online?  Although many of us use the internet daily at home, we don’t utilise it enough when we’re on the go and end up losing out on potential savings.  Fortunately, the smartphone is changing all that.  Businesses are putting together apps that you can download onto your phone, so they can tell you about their latest deals wherever you are.

So, yes, using your smartphone when you are out is a good idea.  But firstly before we look at anything, make sure your data allowance isn’t holding you back. This is key to the proper utilisation of your smart phone.  MobiData offers competitive pricing and do not lock you into long term contracts.  If you order a free SIM card from the MobiData website, you will also receive 100MB of complementary data without obligation.


Now you’ve got that covered, let’s look at what you can use on your phone whilst on the go. How about the process of saving with internet vouchers.  Vouchers are popular because you can download them for free, and use them to save money on your shopping, restaurant bills, cinema tickets, gym sessions, and much more.  Traditionally, we look for a voucher that suits our needs when we’re at home, then print it off before heading out to use it.  This process works fine when we have a bit of time on our hands and a printer nearby, but what if we realise we need a voucher when we are already out and about Voucher Codes.co.uk can help.  Their app allows you to search their latest offers from your phone and redeem them from the retailer without any printing.

For those who love dining out in London, use the OpenTable app, which tells you the latest deals available and makes the reservation for you.  It is also worth having this app on your phone if you’re heading to the US, as it features restaurants from their major cities.  If you are from other parts of the UK, then the Square Meal app will provide a similar service as it includes over 10,000 restaurants from all over the country.

Apart from giving you good deals on the go, the smartphone can also help you get to know a brand or product.  You have probably already noticed the square shaped labels that appear on sales brochures or product tags in a shop.  These labels called QR codes are made of black square dots that are arranged in a square grid on a white background.

If you download one of the many QR code readers available onto your smartphone, then you can essentially use your phone to find out the information hidden behind these codes, which could include anything from product features, brand information or their contact details.

Given the convenience for customers, one would imagine that many online businesses will soon develop their own apps.  Keep your eye out for them and download any useful apps to make sure you always hear about a good deal.

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