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How to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection at Home- A Complete Guide

by Soft2share.com

Are you facing a slow internet problem? Aren’t getting the download speed that your internet provider promised? If so, then there’s a lot you can do to fix a slow internet connection at your home. Here is a complete guide how you can boost up your internet connection in a short time. Let’s begin!

  • Run a Speed Test

The first step is to run your internet speed test but before that connect an Ethernet cord to your Wi-Fi modem and check whether the internet service is working correctly or the wireless connection is causing any problems. After running the speed test, you’ll find out the speed you’re getting and compare it with the internet plan that you’re using. Contact ISP to find out about your subscription plan. Make sure to run multiple tests on different speed testing sites that are available on the internet. This way you will find the average speed you’re getting for your internet service. Charter internet provides high-speed Wi-Fi connections starting from 100 Mbps and attaining up to 300 Mbps. The ISP always keeps its promise in delivering the assured speed no matter what. The company believes in making strong relationships of trust and endeavors to fulfill the expectations and needs of its valued customers.

  • Reset your Wi-Fi Modem

Before contacting or complaining your internet service provider, reset your Wi-Fi modem to check if there’s any hardware issue. The procedure is pretty straightforward; turn it off and on again. Once you reboot your modem, it will clean up any old data, and you’ll be experiencing a high-speed internet once again. If the problem remains there, replace your modem or contact your internet provider to fix it up for you. Spectrum internet comes with a 24/7 technical support that assists you in troubleshooting your network problems or any connection issues. An ‘FAQ’ section is there on their website where the users can post their queries and complaints related to slow internet or connection problems. Users can also fix any problem through ‘Troubleshoot My Service” option available in the ‘Support’ section. If you’re still unable to find the required information, contact the company’s Customer Care Centre to get the best possible guidance.

  • Check Your Data Usage Plan

Most internet service providers impose a data cap limitation on the data usage throughout the month.  A bandwidth cap applies to both mobile data plans and home internet service. Contact your internet provider to ask if you have reached a data cap or check the status by logging into your account page. Usually, the service providers charge some extra fee or decrease the internet speed if the user has gone over the applied data transfer limit. Are you’re looking for an internet service provider that allows unlimited use of data?  Charter is the right choice for you! Users can now cherish a high-end internet connection without restricting the amount of data consumed. Enjoy unlimited downloading/ uploading, online multi-player gaming, live streaming, and browsing with USA’s top leading internet services.

  • Run Malware Scans on your Computer

There are high chances that your internet speed may be affected by some dangerous viruses or malware running into your computer. These viruses can significantly reduce your internet speed and put your valuable data at risk! To get out of this situation, you’ll need to install an anti-virus program. Charter Spectrum internet bundles include a free ‘Security Suite’ that is specifically designed to remove any harmful programs or malware. Run this Security Suite on a regular basis and get automatic updates for the software.

  • High Internet Traffic during Peak Hours

A large volume of internet traffic can be one of the factors of slow internet speed. Usually, this happens when a large number of people use the internet concurrently in your area. Excessive downloading during the peak hours may cause traffic throttling, and your ISP may be congested. Your ISP will slow down the internet speed to provide the services to other users in your area. Charter has proven itself as the best internet provider in the USA without compromising on quality, service and internet speed. That is why people opt for this company and never think about choosing anyone else.

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